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Exhibit Hall For the exhibition of artistic creations by our members, from poetry and prose to drawings, photography, and digital art.

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Default A Couple Of Poems To Share


And I am lost in thought and yet
I know not what to say
And I feel the Earth around me
Yet I cannot find my way.
The winds blow cold and lonely
Still it warms this heavy heart
In a silent world of falling snow
Like praying hands to part.
To look without and look within
To bring it round to start again
To feel my way through endless skies
Eteranl flame and lullabyes.
To feel on high and yet so low
A part of all, a flake of snow
To be as one with all in sight
Dawning time and endless night,
To bring me back again this day
My hoping heart to find the way
Back from my sad and troubled soul
To thoughts that were so long ago......
Onto that cold and endless sky
To lift the clouds and onward fly.


In this barth of sparsely woven pages
Laden with the memoirs not yet lived
Comes forth parsects of understanding
Failing to find comfort in my hands
Darting hither with the utmost vigour
Toppling even the grandest of my illusions
Coming to grips within the heat of my thoughts
To find all the mysterys of the soul searching
Hours were truely wasted bogged down insecure
Fragments of the vacuums hidden in the hearts of all
Not to be revived by any means.
A conquest most hideous to be found so simply
Answered for all the answers were there to be had
For in all my pain and torment..........

I had but to look into your eyes.
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Default Re: A Couple Of Poems To Share

These are very lovely...and insightful...
"To the Horsehead Nebula and back we shall make beautiful music"..."Together!"

The stories of childhood leave an indelible impression,and their author always has a niche in the temple of memory from which the image is never cut out to be thrown on the rubbish heap of things that are outgrown and outlived........Howard Pyle
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Default Re: A Couple Of Poems To Share

OK, what is/are:

a) a barth?
b) sparsely woven pages?
d) a parsect?
d) memoirs not yet lived?


Sorry, I can more or less find meaning in "Endless", but simply can't make head nor tail of this one
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