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Default Search - Open to all, or Queen/Green riders only?

Evening everyone. First post here in...Far more years than I want to think about! So let's start with what's probably a silly question!

My other half just asked me a seemingly simple question which I proceeded to realise after opening my mouth to respond, that I wasn't actually 100% sure of the answer to. Nor did a quick skim through the DLG, or search on here turn up a definitive answer to.

Is it only females who are brought into the weyr by Search, or are prospective riders of both genders Searched? I can only think of females being Searched off the top of my head, but my forgettory has never been the most reliable thing in the world.

My gut reaction is that *anyone* can be Searched...I just can't come up with an example to say for certain that I'm right. Can someone confirm please?
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Default Re: Search - Open to all, or Queen/Green riders only?

Anyone of either sex can be Searched. in Dragonflight, for example, F'lar has candidates brought in from beyond the Weyr. One of those was Naton, who became N'ton. Elsewhere we hear that Robinton himself hoped to be searched in his childhood when dragons came on search to the HarperHall.
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Default Re: Search - Open to all, or Queen/Green riders only?


I was sure that was the case - haven't got that far through the series yet on my re-read (which is being done chronologically rather than in published order just to add some variety).

Was sure I remembered that to be the case, just was wanting to be sure.

Thanks for the quick response.
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Default Re: Search - Open to all, or Queen/Green riders only?

They need to present enough candidates to give the hatchlings plenty of choice, so if they're short of suitable young people over 12 turns (of either gender) within the Weyr, they go on Search.

However, the gold hatchlings tend to prefer girls from outside the weyr, so if there's a gold egg, they always go on Search anyway.

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Default Re: Search - Open to all, or Queen/Green riders only?

Lytol was Searched at High Reaches Hold.

The Oldtimers generally didn't go outside the Weyr for candidates in the early turns after they came forward, but they had smaller clutches than Benden.

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Default Re: Search - Open to all, or Queen/Green riders only?

Here a few quotes to go along with the responses above:

MHoP on.:

Late in the autumn, when everyone knew that there was a clutch of eggs on the Hatching Sands at Benden Weyr, Robinton met dragons for the second time. They came on Search. He already knew about Search, since it was the subject of a Teaching Ballad about the duty of Hall and Hold to allow any person the dragons chose to go to the Weyr. Most of those who went to a Weyr became dragonriders: a high honour. If dragons liked music, as Cortath had told him they did, maybe they'd like Robinton's tunes, and no one would object to having a dragonrider who had musical training. By the time he was old enough to be Searched, he'd be at least a second-year apprentice.
"Did you know they found two lads on Search? One from here and one from the Hold."

"Who went from here?" The sudden notion that a harper could be Searched startled Robinton so much that he spoke with his mouth full and his father reprimanded him.
Ever the Twain has a lot of stuff about Search.

EtT on.:

"Of course, you all know that there is an age requirement for being Searched," he continuted slowly and deliberately. "You little ones will have to stay at the back." His hands made a shooing gesture. "Now let us all proceed outside in a quiet and orderly fashion. No pushing."
Two green dragons and one beautifully sea-blue dragon had fitted themselves on Lado's little Gather clearing in front of the main Hold. Lord Lado and his lady, Cirine, hastily smoothing her apron, were already outside to greet the arrivals. Ruart skillfully motioned his class to form ranks across the roadway.
"We come on Search," the blue rider said formally, dismounting with an athletic grace that Neru admired. Nian glanced nervously at her twin. Would his dream come true today? Would he be Searched by the dragons? Was this the last she'd see of her "other half" until who knew when?
"I am R'dik, blue Shalanth's rider, and here are Sarty, green Ledith's rider and Conna, who rides Oswith."
Beside her Ru shuffled his feet, swung his arms, and all but nominated himself out of hand as a candidate. She pinched his sleeve to remind him of his manners. Giving her a cross look, he nevertheless subsided. Just as he protected her against physical danger, she protected him from making social errors.
"Search, and be welcome, R'dik," Lord Lado replied, equally formally. "The youngsters of our Hold are all available to you and your dragons." He gestured to those ranked in front of him, all breathless with suspense. "The Hold is greatly honored by your Search. I hear that Clidith clutched thirty-two eggs."
"Yes. They are near to being Hatched, and we would like to provide the Weyr with plenty of choices," he said, with a bow that swept from Lado around to the children, who bowed back. He smiled encouragingly at them. "We are looking for those who are fourteen Turns or older," he announced. "For, as you all know, we are in a Pass and need to have riders who are fit and able to join the fighting wings as soon as the hatchlings grow strong enough to fly."
Ruart adroitly directed his disappointed younger students to sit out of the way, on the Hold steps, while the older ones ranked beside him to brave the Search. While he thought Chaum might make a good, if unimaginative, rider, he devoutly hoped that the bullying Flamel, who had straightened up as if he was certain of being chosen, would be totally ignored. Neru, he knew, wanted desperately to be a dragonrider; perhaps both twins might be selected. Ruart had never heard of twins being made riders at the same Hatching, but oh, how that would solve the problem of separating Neru and Nian! He caught a glimpse of Palla, the twins' mother, among the crowd now assembling outside the Hold to watch the dragons on Search. Her youngest child, Niall, was in her arms, waving at his older brother and sister.
After a thorough inspection of the waiting teenagers, Ledith and Oswith picked Orla and Chaum out of the crowd. Then they approached Nian, sniffing at her and giving her little prods with their noses. She was made a little nervous by this close inspection, and she grabbed her brother's hand. The dragons didn't seem one bit interested in Neru.
Nian heard her mother gasp as she, too, saw the dragons overlook her eager, would-be dragonrider son.
How could this be happening? Neru thought of nothing but dragons and fighting Thread. How could they overlook him and show such interest in her, when Nian had never once entertained the thought of dragons except for her brother's sake? This is a bad situation, she thought. If they take me on Search and leave Ru behind, I'll have deserted him and stolen his dream all in the same moment. I can't let this happen!
Unconsciously Nian shifted her weight toward her brother, changing her stance from that of protected to protector. She had to make them take Ru with her — but how?
The green dragon, Ledith, turned to Oswith as if in consultation. Then Conna stepped to her dragon as if summoned to her side.
She is very strong! Oswith told her rider. I can hear her, Conna. But she will not go without him.
Remaining at Oswith's side, Conna looked at the twins. "What is your name?" she asked Nian.
"Neru and Nian," the twins chorused in unison.
"It's certainly unanimous," the blue rider said, a wide smile on his tanned face. He slapped his riding gauntlets against his thigh. "Ah, I see that you are twins."
"Yes, blue rider, we are, though my sister is the elder," Neru said as Nian still gripped his hand tightly. By the First Egg! Neru hoped that the dragons would select him, too. But what if it were Nian, not he, Neru, who was taken on Search? What if he never had the chance to fulfill his dream? He simply couldn't — wouldn't — think about it. Neru decided that his best plan was no plan at all. He'd just have to wait and see what happened to him.
"Have you ever been separated from each other?" Sarty asked, startling everyone.
"No, rider Sarty," Neru replied.
"We're just better together at everything," Nian added stoutly.
Which, as the holders and Ruart knew, was true enough.
Conna gave a little sniff. "Well, we'll see what the dragons decide," she said. "Are your parents here?"
"I am their mother, Palla. Their father has not yet returned from the morning's fishing," Palla said, moving through the crowd toward the dragonriders and the possible candidates.
"It is customary to seek the permission of the Holder and at least one parent of any Searched candidate," Conna said, turning expectantly to Lado. "The dragons have chosen Nian."
"But my son has shown more interest in becoming a dragonrider, while Nian never has. How can such a choice be made?"
"It sometimes happens. The green dragons know these things and, despite riding Oswith nearly thirty Turns now, I have never figured out how she discerns rider potential."
Rider of gold Charath at Ista Weyr.
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