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Now, with pictures!


Real World Enterprise History
Star Trek source 1, source 2, Source 3
Babylon 5 Source 1, Source 2
Stargate Source
Star Wars source
Galaxy Voyagers (My Universe)
FarScape Source

1101 - 1200
- Milky Way:
-- A species from an extra-dimensional realm construct Spheres in what will become the Delphic Expanse. (ENT: "Chosen Realm")

-- Vissia:
--- The Vissians develop warp drive. (ENT: "Cogenitor")

-- Earth:
--- The Aztec civilization rises. Kulkulkan revisits and helps in their development. They will fluorish into the 16th Century. (TOS: "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth")

c. 1130
-- Sarpeidon:
--- Having stepped through the atavachron in the Sarpeidon Library, James Kirk encounters a world plagued by superstition. Kirk is imprisoned for witchcraft when he is caught trying to communicate with Spock and McCoy, who are stuck in Sarpeidon's ice age 3,860 years earlier. (TOS: "All Our Yesterdays")

1147 - 1148
-- Earth:
--- Second crusade.

c. 1150
-- Alpha Quadrant:
--- Tarquin is born. Later one, his telepathic abilities are discovered and he is subsequently exiled from his homeworld. (ENT: "Exile")

-- Andoria:
--- The Andorians achieve warp capability.

-- Earth:
--- Eastern Asia:
---- Temujin is born. He will become known as Genghis Khan after founding the Mongol Empire

-- Delvia:
--- Zotoh Zhaan blooms.

1189 - 1192
-- Earth:
--- Third Crusade. King Richard the Lionheart fails to take Jerusalem from Saladin.

1201 - 1300
--- China:
---- The Huns invade. To save her crippled father, Fa Mulan impersonates a soldier and joins the Chinese army. Together with Mushu, guardian dragon of the Fa Family, she defeats the Huns. (Mulan)

---- Mulan and General Li Shang are instructed by The Emperor to escort three princesses to secure an alliance to protect China from Mongol hordes. (Mulan II)

-- Megas-Tu:
--- The people of this world leave their dimension in search of companionship, which they initially find on Earth. (TOS: "The Magicks of Megas-Tu")

-- Omega IV:
--- The father of Wu is born. (TOS: "The Omega Glory")

- Delta Triangle:
-- The Elysian Council is formed. (1000 years before TOS: "The Time Trap")

1202 - 1204
- Milky Way:
-- Earth:
--- Fourth Crusade results in the Sack of Constantinople.

1217 - 1272
--- Crusades Five through Nine. The Seventh is against an army made migrant by Genghis Khan's Mongol horde.

--- Genghis Khan dies. Circumstances of his death remain uncertain into the 20th century.

- Faraway Galaxy:
-- The Sith are thought to be wiped out. (TPM)

- Milky Way:
-- Ikarra VII:
--- Having been invaded half-dozen times over the last couple of centuries, with each being much stronger than the last, Tu'Lar develops an organic-based weapon capable of independent thought and increased destructive power after each use, programming them not to respond to anything that wasn't pure Ikarran.

--- 11 of the 12 weapons are deployed in the next invasion. After completely wiping out the invaders, the machines turn on the Ikarrans themselves, killing everyone based on the slightest deviation of "normal". (B5: "Infection")

-- Markab:
--- The first appearance of a highly contagious, terminal disease, perhaps engineered by the Shadows, on the Island of Drafa--a place known for being highly immoral. It wipes out the island's entire population. The disease, named after the island, becomes a legend to freighten children. It is believed to be punishment from the gods for the islanders' immorality. (B5: "Confessions and Lamentations")

-- The Drazi have developed space travel by this point and trade with the Hyach. (B5: "Secrets of the Soul")

-- Centauri Prime:
--- The practice of pre-arranged marriages begins. (B5: "The War Prayer")

-- Earth:
--- Two of the three knights who found the Holy Grail emerges from the Desert and make their way to France. One dies on the way and is entombed beneath a church in Venice, Italy. (IJ: The Last Crusade)

--- The remaining knight arrives in France where he relates his tale to a Franciscan Friar before he himself dies of extreme old age. Three markers are put in place leading to the Grail, and the Brotherhood of Cruciform sword is commissioned to guard its secret. (IJ: TLC)

-- Ikarra VII:
--- Is now a dead world. Over the next couple of centuries, the machines fall apart from neglect.(B5: "In")

-- Z'Ha'Dum:
--- The Shadows and their allies make ready for war, but are caught before they are ready. (B5)

-- The Great Shadow War. Midway through, the Minbari's main base of operations is destroyed. (B5: "War Without End")

-- Babylon 4 arrives from the future with Jeffrey Sinclair as Valen and Zathras. Valen restructures the Minbari government, uniting the three castes in creating the Grey Council, and creates the Anla-shok (Rangers) to fight the Shadows. (B5: In the Beginning, "WWE")

-- Shadows set up bases on various worlds, including Narn. If they were refused, the Shadows infect the planet with a plague. (B5: "Matters of Honor", "Hour of the Wolf", Cr: "Racing the Night")

-- Narn:
--- G'Quan leads the Narn telepaths against the Shadows. They succeed, but the Shadows exterminate most of the telepaths. The surviving telepathic gene isn't strong enough to produce more viable Narn telepaths. (B5: "MoH", "Ship of Tears")

--- A confederation of worlds including Vorlon, Tak'Cha, Minbar, Narn, and Markab defeat the Shadows, destroying 2/3 of their forces and driving them from Z'Ha'Dum. ("WWE")

-- The Shadows plant their ships on various worlds throughout the galaxy, including Mars and Ganymede in the Sol System. (B5: "Messages From Earth")

-- Minbar:
--- Valen commissions the Anla-shok to watch for the Shadows' return in 1000 years. (B5: ItB)

-- Earth:
--- China:
---- Song Dynasty, after a reign of over 300 years, falls to Kublai Khan--grandson of Genghis. All of China is now administered from Kublai's capital Xanadu on the hither edge of Mongolia under the Yuan Dynasty.

-- P3R-636
--- Pyrus overthrows the Goa'uld ruling this planet. They continue mining the Naquadah, however, to maintain the illusion that the planet is still under the Goa'uld rule. (SG1: "Need")

-- Shir-Shraba
--- The Hyach develop interstellar travel. (B5: "SotS")

-- Earth:
--- The country of Floren is founded. (The Princess Bride)

--- The Bubonic Plague breaks out in China, soon spreading to Europe and wipe out over 2/3 of the Human population.

-- Valen writes letters to Delenn and Jeffrey Sinclair and leaves instructions for them to be sealed away for the next 900 years. (B5: "WWE")

-- Valen, having left Minbar, passes away, though his body is never found. His children return to Minbar shortly after and pass on Human DNA to their future generations. (B5: "Atonement")

-- Earth:
--- Humans perfect the mechanical clock while still using steel crossbows in battle.

-- Orelious IX:
--- The Promellians and the Menthars fight a devastating war, resulting in the destruction of the planet and both races.

--- The Promellian battlecruiser Cleponji is ensnared by aceton assimilators in the debris field of the destroyed planet. (TNG: "Booby Trap")

-- Ventax II:
--- Suffering from environmental pollution, severe overcrowding, and constant warfare, the inhabitants make a pact with Ardra, beginning a thousand-year period of peace and prosperity, after which Ardra would claim the personal property of all the inhabitants. (TNG: "Devil's Due")

-- Kataan:
--- This planet is suffering a protracted drought due to increased solar radiation. Realizing that their sun is about to go nova, the inhabitants launch a probe containing a memory record of their civilization. (TNG: "The Inner Light")

-- Meridian:
--- A group of Humanoid travelers become stranded on this world, which intersects two distinct dimensions. (DS9: "Meridian")

-- Rumatis System:
--- The ruling family of this system are discovered to lack the gene required for the sense of hearing. A system is developed in which members of the family may hear and speak through a chorus of interpreters. (TNG: "Loud as a Whisper")

-- Ardana:
--- The city of Stratos is built floating among the clouds, becoming widely considered as the galaxy's greatest example of sustained anti-gravity. (TOS: "The Cloud Minders")

-- Daled IV:
--- A civil war erupts. (TNG: "The Dauphin")

-- Mintaka III:
--- The people of this world begin transforming their society as they move away from belief in The Overseer towards an understanding of their world based on logic and rational thinking. (TNG: "Who Watches the Watchers")

-- Aldea:
--- The people of this world erect a force field over their planet for protection. (TNG: "When the Bough Breaks")

-- Delta Quadrant:
--- The Nacene visit the Ocampa Homeworld and unwittingly cause the eradication of all nucleogenic particles from the planet's atmosphere. They construct an underground habitat for the Ocampa and two Nacene are chosen to remain and protect them. (VOY: "Caretaker")

-- Qo'Nos
--- The Hur'q invade and pillage the planet, taking many cultural artifacts including the Sword of Kahless. (DS9: "The Sword of Kahless")

-- Vulcan
--- The Rumarie Celebration, an anachronism from the Vulcan's emotional past, is held for the last time. (VOY: "Meld")

-- The Hirogen culture becomes dedicated to hunting. (VOY: "The Killing Game")

- Faraway Galaxy:
-- Yoda is born. (RotJ)

- Milky Way:
-- Earth:
--- Leonardo da Vinci is supposedly born. It would later be learned that he is, in fact, the long-lived Flint. Sometime during this life time, he will sketch a proposed flying machine. (TOS: "Requiem For Methuselah").

--- Johann Gutenberg starts mass production of the Gutenberg Bible, making it the first mass-produced type-written book on Earth.

-- Shir-Shraba:
--- The Hyach-do are completely wiped out from the Hyach homeland. (B5: "SotS")

-- Delta Quadrant:
--- The Turei render their homeworld uninhabitable by plasma weapon bombardments. A battalion of approx. 600 Vaadwaur warriors take refuge beneath the planet's surface in cryostasis. They intend to remain in stasis for only five years, but remain so for the next 892 years. (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth")

-- Earth:
--- Christopher Columbus sets out from Spain with the Pinta, Nina, and Santa Maria. He heads west and discovers the West Indies.

-- Hynaria:
--- Rygel XVI is born.

-- Venek Planet:
--- A heavily outnumbered group of Peacekeepers defend a monastery of nurses against the Venek Horde. When General Grynes, leading the Horde, realizes that only women and children remain, he agrees to a truce to end the fighting. ("...Different Destinations")

--- John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, D'Argo, Stark, and Jool arrive from 2002 via an accident and become involved with defending the monastery against the Venek siege. General Grynes is captured and, as John attempts to smuggle him out, is killed. The Venek, on finding their fallen leader, launch a devastating attack, thwarted only by John and Aeryn using their pulse weapons. The war ends as before but, after John and the others return to their time, the Venek return and slaughter the nurses and children. ("DD")

1502 -1600
-- Earth:
--- The Aztec Empire falls to invading Spanish forces led by Hernan Cortes.

-- 892-IV:
--- The last war between the Romans is fought. (TOS: "Bread and Circuses")

-- Bajor:
--- Bajoran explorers build solar-sail spacecraft to explore their solar system. (DS9: "Explorers")

-- Skrrea:
--- The T-Rogorans conquer this world. They kill most of the Skrreean leaders and force the rest of the population to work as laborers and servants. (DS9: "Sanctuary")

-- Qo'Nos:
--- The Second Dynasty rules until Emperor Reclaw is assassinated by General K'Trelan, who later kills all members of the Imperial Family. The Empire is then ruled by a council of elected people until a new group of Klingons of the Third Dynasty are given titles and names of the original Imperial Family, creating the illusion of an unbroken line. (DS9: "You Are Cordially Invited...")

-- Around this time, The Builders design and construct biomechanoid spacecraft capable of self-replication--the Leviathans. The ships soon develop sentience, and The Builders set them free as ambassadors of peace. ("Look at the Princess"; time frame conjectured)

- Faraway Galaxy:
-- Yoda begins training Jedi. (TESB)

- Milky Way:
-- Earth:
--- Hernan Cortes gives an ornamental cross to Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. (IJ: TLC)

--- Famous astronomer Nicholas Copernicus passes away. In this same year, his book, On the Revolutions of the Celestial Orbs, is published, which outlines Copernicus' mathematical theory behind the orbits of the planets.

1564, April
--- William Shakespeare is born around this time. During his lifetime, he produces numerous works including 154 sonnets and 38 plays. His works will survive into the 24th century and be known across many worlds. (ENT, TOS, TNG, DS9)

-- P3X-774:
--- Opher of the Nox is born. (SG1: "The Nox")

-- Draconia:
--- The Circle of Grand Sages is formed under Vrathrenes' New Order, ending the Era of Chaos. (Draconia: New Order; "Folly")

-- Earth:
--- Europe:
---- Spanish invasion of England is thwarted.

---- Early experiments with the optical microscope are made. Sketchbooks and other forms of art of the time record early observations of a more or less scientific nature.

-- Velona:
--- Defying the Ascended Ancients' rule of non-interference with the Lower Planes, Orlin communicates his knowledge to the Velonans of how to build a powerful weapon for defense against the Goa'uld. The Velonans use the weapon on the Goa'uld, but then turn it towards conquering other worlds. The Ancients destroy the Velonans, just as the Goa'uld would have done, and banish Orlin to their now-desolate world. (SG1: "Ascension")

-- Venek Planet:
--- The Venek abandon this planet. ("DD")

-- Eminiar VII
--- The Eminians achieve space flight, but do not venture beyond their own star system. (TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon")

1601 - 1700
-- Earth:
--- Europe:
---- Spanish Inquisition: the Spanish set out to expel all non-Christians from Spain.

-- The Eminians colonize Vendikar, the fifth planet of their system. (TOS: "AToA")

-- Earth:
--- European explorers discover Australia.

--- North America:
---- Ships from England land in Virginia and settle Jamestown.

--- Europe:
---- Galileo Galilei builds the first astronomical telescope. His observations about the moon, planets in the solar system, the sun, and individual stars in the Milky Way confirms Copernicus' theories.

1616, April 23
---- William Shakespeare dies.

---- Posthumous publication of Shakespeare's "First Folio".

--- North America:
---- One-Eyed Willy, trapped in a cave after being pursued by a British Armada, digs lots of passageways, set booby traps, and draws a treasure map. (The Goonies)

--- Europe:
---- Galileo is convicted of heresy for his theories of the Earth revolving around the Sun.

1642, January 8
---- Galileo dies.

---- Glasgow, England: Ronin is born. He becomes infused with an anaphasic lifeform, granting him eternal youth. (TNG: "Sub Rosa")

-- Delta Quadrant:
--- Elack is bonded to his Pilot. ("Crichton Kicks")

--- Br'Nee's people seed an asteroid with plant life. ("Bone to be Wild")

-- Earth:
--- Europe:
---- The Lucasian Chair of Mathematics is created at Cambridge University.

---- Sir Isaac Newton postulates laws of universal gravitation -- linking celestial and early mechanics -- and his three laws of motion. He develops calculus to describe his theories. His epiphany comes when a Q jostles the apple tree he's sitting under, causing an apple to fall on Newton's head. (VOY: "Death Wish")

-- El-Aura:
--- Guinan's father is born. (TNG: "Rascals")

1671 - 1846
-- Earth:
--- During this time frame, the French Navy holds at least 23 sailing vessels christened with the name Entreprenant (French for "Enterprising").

-- Bajor:
--- The last time the dark book Kosst Amojan is removed from the archives prior to 2375. (DS9: "Changing Face of Evil")

-- Earth:
--- North America:
---- The Spanish serve as overlords of several Native American tribes in what becomes New Mexico. These Natives rise up against the Spanish and drive them out in what becomes known as the Pueblo Revolt.

---- The Salem Witch Trials force the inhabitants of Megas-Tu to leave their homes in Salem, Massachusetts. (TOS: "The Magicks of Megas-Tu")

---- The Spanish return to New Mexico to brutally reconquer the area, killing several hundred and maiming thousands more. Javier Maribona Picard is among the Spanish soldiers. (TNG: "Journey's End")

--- England:
---- Deptford: HMS Norwich is launched as a 50-gun 4th-rate ship of the line.

---- Long John Silver is born. (Treasure Island)

-- Norsz:
--- An advanced Human-like race invades and occupies this world, repressing the primitive, reptilian natives. (Draconia: Fractured Trust)

-- Luxa:
--- Reading and writing becomes prominent in Luxan society. ("Revenging Angel")

-- Nasya:
--- The Goa'uld stop interfering with the people of this world. (SG1: "In the Line of Duty")

-- Pangara:
--- Apophis and Ra make war with Shak'ran. Shak'ran is killed by Apophis. (SG1: "Cure")

-- Latona:
--- The Sentinel is constructed. A weapon designed to protect the Latonans by making all Goa'uld who land on the planet vanish. The weapon requires a caretaker to join with the machine to work. A flame in the city indicates that the caretaker lives. If the caretaker dies, so does the flame. (SG1: "The Sentinel")

-- The Centauri Republic reaches its height, spanding over 150 star systems.

1701 - 1800
-- The Preservers visit Earth and transplant a group of Native Americans -- including people from the Delaware, Navajo, and Mohican tribes -- to another planet where they would be able to live undisturbed. (TOS: "The Paradise Syndrome")

-- The T'Lani and Kellerun declare war on each other. (DS9: "Armageddon Game")

-- Beta Portolan:
--- Neural Parasites arrive, bringing about mass insanity upon the people here. (TOS: "Operation--Annihilate!")

-- Peliar Zel:
--- Colonists from this world first migrate to their planet's two moons. (TNG: "The Host")

-- Ux-Mal:
--- The consciousnesses of hundreds of criminals are permanently stripped from their bodies and brought to a moon of Mab-Bu VI where they are imprisoned for eternity. (TNG: "Power Play")

-- Earth:
--- United States:
---- A pair of glasses are made that will later be given as a gift from Dr. McCoy to Admiral Kirk, then sold at an antique shop in 1986. (TWoK, TVH)

1705, May
--- Europe:
---- The HMS Tryton captures the French frigate L'Entreprise. She is re-christened HMS Enterprise (1) under command of Captain J. Paul. She is a 24-gun, 6th-rate frigate (aka "jackass frigate").

1707, October 2
---- The HMS Enterprise (1) is wrecked in the Mediterranean while under command of Captain W. Davenport.

-- Trask:
--- Utu-Noranti Pralatong is born.

April 28
-- Earth:
--- England:
---- The HMS Enterprize (2) of the British Royal Navy is completed at Plymouth and launched under command of Nicholas Smith. She is a 44-gun 5th-rate frigate.

1717 - 1718
---- The HMS Norwich is rebuilt at the Chatham Dockyard and relaunched on May 20, 1718

1740, February 20
---- The 44-gun 5th-rate HMS Enterprize (2) is fitted as a hospital ship and renamed HMS Liverpool.

---- The British capture an 8-gun sloop from the Spanish and rename her HMS Enterprize (3) under Lieutenant Thomas Herring.

---- The HMS Norwich is reduced to a 44-gun 5th-rate frigate and renamed HMS Enterprise (4).

---- The sloop HMS Enterprize (3) is recommissioned under Lieutenant William Cooper.

---- The 44-gun 5th-rate HMS Enterprise (4) is mothballed.

---- The sloop HMS Enterprize (3) is sold off at Minorca.

-- Tarquin's Planet:
--- Tarquin's last companion passes away. (ENT: "Exile")

-- Octav:
--- The Octavians achieve space flight.

-- Epsilon III:
--- The Great Machine is constructed. A renegade band of Varn's People attempt to claim it, but are exiled. Varn is placed in the heart of the Great Machine while the rest of his civilization dies out. (B5: "Voice in the Wilderness", "WWE")

-- Minbar:
--- The Third Fane of Chudomo begins service with honor. (B5: "Parliement of Dreams")

August 1
-- Earth:
--- British pirate Captain John Flint buries stolen treasure on an island in the Caribbean and makes a map to it. (TI)

1754, July 20
--- Europe:
---- John Flint dies soon after giving his map to his First Mate William "Billy" Bones. (TI)

---- The 44-gun 5th-rate HMS Enterprise (4) is recommissioned at the outbreak of the Seven Years' War, which involved all of the major powers of Europe.

--- North America:
---- During the French and Indian War, Hawkeye, the last of the Mohicans, tries to save Cora and Alice Munro from the Hurons. (The Last of the Mohicans)

August 9
---- Following a battle, the winning French general allows British leader Colonel Munro to surrender the fort and march his troops and settlers to Fort William Henry in upstate New York. (TLotM)

August 10
---- Those tribes allied with the French massacre the British troops as they relocate to a new fort. (TLotM)

--- England:
---- Billy Bones comes to the Admiral Benbow Inn. A few months later, he dies after entrusting Flint's map to Jim Hawkins. Jim, with Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney, set sail on the Hispanola for the Caribbean in search of Flint's treasure. Long John Silver hires a crew of Flint's former shipmates and comes aboard himself as the ship's cook. Jim helps to thwart Silver and his men's mutiny. (TI)

-- Lorka VII
--- A people are drawn to this world by "The Most Holy" and settle there. (Cr: "The Rules of the Game")

-- Earth:
--- England:
---- The 44-gun 5th-rate HMS Enterprise (4) is decommissioned.

-- Eminiar VII and Vendikar go to war. The conflict is fought entirely by computers. Casualties are calculated based on projected results and are then to report to disintegration machines. (TOS: AToA")

-- Earth:
--- British claim the eastern half of Australia.

--- France:
---- Marseille: Chez Sandrine opens for the first time. It will remain into the 24th Century. (VOY: "The Cloud", "Non Sequitur")

-- Delta Quadrant:
--- Br'Nee is born. ("BtbW")

-- Earth:
--- England:
---- The 44-gun 5th-rate HMS Enterprise (4) is broken up at Sheerness.

1774, August
---- The HMS Enterprise (5) is launched at Depford. She is a 28-gun 6th-rate Enterprise-class frigate.

1775, April
---- The 28-gun 6th-rate HMS Enterprise (5) is commissioned under Captain Sir Thomas Rich and serves as cruiser and convoy escort throughout the American Revolution.

May 18
--- North America:
---- American forces under Colonel Benedict Arnold capture 10-gun British sloop HMS George and rename her USS Enterprise (1) and re-armed with 12 guns.

---- The American Colonies declares independence from Great Britain.

--- California:
---- The Presidio is founded by Spain. It will become the location of Starfleet Command and Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

--- Spain:
---- Inigo Montoya is born. (The Princess Bride)

December 20
--- United States:
---- The American privateer schooner Enterprise (2) is purchased for the Continental Navy. Under Captain Joseph Campbell, she operates mainly in Chesapeake Bay. Convoying transports, carrying out reconnaissance, and guarding the shores against British raids.

1777, February
---- The Privateer Enterprise is returned to the Maryland Council of Safety.

July 7
--- United States:
---- The USS Enterprise (1), along with two other ships, is run aground at Lake Champlain and burned to prevent capture.

-- Kavis Alpha Sector:
--- The neutron in a binary star system in this sector explodes. (TNG: "Evolution")

-- Earth:
--- England:
---- The HMS Resource, an Enterprise-class frigate, is launched and used for Harbor service.

1783, November 21
--- France:
---- Paris: The first recorded manned flight in a hot air balloon takes place. It is built from paper and silk by the Montgolfier brothers and is piloted on a 22-minute flight by 2 noblemen from the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. From the center of Paris, they ascend 500 feet above roof tops before eventually landing miles away in the vineyards. Local farmers are suspicious of this "fiery dragon" descending from the sky. The pilots offer champagne to placate them and to celebrate the first Human flight--a tradition that will carry on into the 21st Century.

1784, May
--- England:
---- The 28-gun 6th-rate HMS Enterprise (5) is decommissioned under Captain William Carnegie.

--- Spain:
---- Tyrano Rugen of Floren kills Inigo's father. 11-year-old Inigo attempts to avenge his father, but fails. Rugen leaves him alive with scars on his cheeks. Inigo begins devoting his life to the study of fencing. (TPB)

1788, January 26
--- Australia:
---- Penal colony New South Wales is founded on the shores of Botany Bay.

--- England:
---- The 6th-rate HMS Enterprise (5) is recommissioned for harbor service.

--- Europe:
---- The real dreaded pirate Roberts retires and passes the name and job to another man. The name and job will pass to one or two other men before Ronel inherits it. (TPB)

--- United States:
---- A 12-gun schooner is built by Henry Spencer of Baltimore, Maryland and is named USS Enterprise (3). She is placed under the command of Lieutenant John Shaw.

picture (Enterprise, left)

--- France:
---- Napoleon Bonaparte stages a coup d'etat and installs himself as First Consul.

-- Delta Quadrant:
--- Br'Nee's people return to their plant asteroid to discover it to be filled with herbivorous creatures. They bring a group of Bone-eaters, including M'Lee, to eliminate all plant-eaters. The Bone-eaters will eventually have only each other to eat. ("BtbW")

1801 - 1900
--- Selto Durka serves as a Peacekeeper captain of the Command Carrier Zelbinion. His achievements, such as the liberation of Mintaka III and the quelling of the Senovion Rebellion, make him legendary. His tactics will become required learning for Peacekeeper training. ("Durka Returns")

-- Earth:
--- United States:
---- The Military Academy at West Point is founded. The institution will later provided education for United Earth MACO officers. (ENT: "Hatchery")

--- Floren:
---- Buttercup falls for a farm boy named Westley. Lacking money for marriage, Westley leaves and heads across the sea in search of fortune. His ship is attacked by the dreaded pirate Roberts, who is rumored to never take captives alive. (TPB)

---- Westley begs to the dreaded pirate that he may live. "Roberts" Ronel keeps him alive as a servant. During this time, Westley studies fencing.

--- England:
---- The HMS Resource is rebuilt as a 22-gun floating battery.

March 20
--- France:
---- Napoleon Bonaparte crowns himself Emperor of the French and begins conquering every major European power.

--- Admiral Lord Nelson aboard HMS Victory leads the British Royal Navy against the combined Spanish and French Navies in the Battle of Trafalgar. Though Nelson is mortally wounded during the battle, it is the most decisive British victory of the Napoleonic Wars. A Picard takes part in the fight. (GEN)

--- Captain Jack Aubrey leads the HMS Surprise in pursuit of French privateer Acheron. He follows her around South America into the Pacific. (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World)

--- Ronel retires from being the pirate Roberts and passes the job to Westley. (TPB)

-- Edora:
--- An irregularity in this planet's orbit causes an impact event of meteors. This occurs every 150 years. (SG1: "A Hundred Days")

-- Arkhan's World:
--- An Ancient appears in a Time-Jumper, having just traveled back through time at least 200 years. Upon landing, he carves into a stone column some of the things he saw in the future. (SG1: "It's Good to Be King")

-- Earth:
--- England:
---- The HMS Resource is recommissioned as the HMS Enterprize (6).

--- California:
---- Don Diego de la Vega becomes Zorro. (The Mask of Zorro)

-- Omega IV:
--- Wu is born. (TOS: "TOG")

-- Earth:
--- Floren:
---- Prince Humperdinck takes Buttercup as bride. He attempts to start a war by killing her and framing her death on neighboring Gelda. (TPB)

---- Buttercup is reunited with Westley.

---- Inigo Montoya catches up with Count Rugen and avenges his father.

--- England:
---- The 6th-rate HMS Enterprise (5) is decommissioned for the last time and broken up.

--- France:
---- Napoleon Bonaparte reaches the height of his conquests. His exploits are viewed by Trelane 450 years later via a long-range observation telescope. (TOS: "The Squire of Gothos")

--- England:
---- The 22-gun floating battery HMS Enterprize (6) is broken up.

-- Saroosh becomes host to Selmak of the Tok'ra. (SG1: "The Tok'ra")

-- Earth:
--- North America:
---- As Spain concedes California to Santa Anna, Spanish Governor Don Rafael Montero imprisons Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro) and takes his daughter Elena to raise as his own.(TMoZ)

--- Rome:
---- Poet John Keats is killed by Onaya, who had helped Keats find his creative voice while feeding on his neural energy. (DS9: "The Muse")

1823, July 9
--- North America:
---- The schooner USS Enterprise (3) while under Captain James D. Jeffers, runs aground on Little Curacao Island in the West Indies.

--- England:
---- The Royal Navy purchases a wood paddle gunvessel named HMS Enterprise (7).

1828, February 8
--- France:
---- Jules Verne is born.

--- England:
---- The gunvessel HMS Enterprise (7) is decommissioned.

1831, October 26
--- United States:
---- The schooner USS Enterprise (4) is launched from the New York Navy Yard. She is commissioned the following December with Lieutenant S. W. Downing in command.

--- India:
---- Pankot Palace: The Kali Thuggee Cult dies out, or so it is believed. (IJ: Temple of Doom)

November 30
--- United States:
---- Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) is born, two weeks after Halley's Comet's closest approach to Earth.

1836, February 23 - March 6
--- Texas:
---- San Antonio, The Alamo: A band of 189 Texan volunteers, in rebelling against the repressions of self-proclaimed dictator, Santa Anna, defy a Mexican army of thousands for 13 days of siege. The Alamo defenders die to the last man, among them are William Travis, Davy Crockett, and Jim Bowie.

March - December
--- England:
---- Katherine Brydon is born. Her mother dies shortly after giving birth. (The Jungle Book)

--- India:
---- Mowgli is born. His mother also dies shortly after giving birth. (TJB)

--- East Indies:
---- The armed paddle steamer Enterprise (8) of the British East India Co. serves alongside the British Royal Navy in the First China War until the following year.

July 12
--- United States:
---- The schooner USS Enterprise (4) is mothballed at Philadelphia.

November 29
---- The USS Enterprise (4) is recommissioned and assigned to protect US commerce in South America.

---- Christine is orphaned when a group of Pawnee Natives attack and kill her family. She runs off and is taken in by the Souix. (Dances With Wolves)

--- California:
---- Don Rafael Montero returns with Elena and plots to buy back California from Mexico with gold secretly mined from the land using peasants and petty criminals for slave labor. (TMoZ)

---- Diego escapes from prison. He trains Alejandro Murrieta as the new Zorro and defeats Montero.

--- India:
---- Colonel Geofferey is assigned to lead the British forces in India. He comes with his daughter Katherine, befriends Mowgli, the son of their Indian guide. (TJB)

---- The tiger Shere Khan attacks the encampment during the night. During the attack, Mowgli is separated from the camp and is thought to be killed.

---- Mowgli survives in the Indian jungle with the help of a wolfpack and a black panther.

1844, June 20
--- United States:
---- The USS Enterprise (4) returns to Boston Navy Yard to be decommissioned for the last time and sold several months later.

1848, April 5
--- England:
---- The survey sloop HMS Enterprise (9) is launched as an Arctic discovery ship under Sir James Clark Ross, heading for the Arctic via the Atlantic to search for Sir John Franklin's lost expedition.

(Enterprise on left side)

---- The HMS Enterprise (9) is dispatched on her second expedition to the Arctic under Sir Richard Collinson, this time via the Pacific and the Bering Strait.

--- United States:
---- California: The town of Hill Valley is founded. (Back to the Future, Part III)

---- Alejandro (Zorro) saves California's statehood from French Count Armand and fouls the latter's attempt to supply the Confederate Army with powerful explosives to destroy the Union. (The Legend of Zorro)

-- Volia:
--- A deadly plague strikes the entire Volian species. The Aschen arrive and provide a cure for the entire population. (SG1: "2001")

-- Sector 3641:
--- The Suliban Homeworld becomes uninhabitable. The Suliban become a nomadic people, existing in pockets throughout the Alpha Quadrant. (ENT: "Broken Bow")

-- The wars between Denobulans and Antarans end. Casualties among the Antarans number around 20 million. Phlox's grandmother lives through the final battles of this conflict. Both sides remain bitter and suspicious toward the other. (ENT: "The Breach")

- Pegasus Galaxy:
-- The Wraith go into a hibernation cycle. (SGA)

- Milky Way:
-- Earth:
--- United States:
---- Clara Clayton is born in New Jersey. (BttF3)

--- India:
---- Mowgli, still separated from civilization, discovers a lost city deep in India's jungle filled with treasure. (TJB)

---- Mowgli emerges from the jungle and reunites with Katherine Brydon, who is now the attraction of greedy British Captain William Boone. Boone learns of the lost city and forces Mowgli to take him there. Boone and his men are killed one by one by the jungle's dangers.

1859, May 22
--- Scotland:
---- Edinburgh: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is born.

--- United States:
---- Abraham Lincoln is elected president. The US splits and launches the American Civil War.

--- England:
---- The survey sloop HMS Enterprise (9) is retired to serve as a coal depot.

-- Volia:
--- The Aschen's cure for the plague that ravaged the Volian people is discovered to cause the majority of the population to become sterile. Some begin to protest and fight back, but are immediately silenced. (SG1: "2001")

-- Earth:
--- England:
---- A wood screw sloop is laid down to be named HMS Enterprise (10).

1862, May 5
---- The wood screw sloop HMS Enterprise (10) is changed to an ironclad sloop and renamed HMS Circassian. The name is switched once again back to HMS Enterprise (10).

--- United States
---- The Scagarans abduct a group of Humans and enslave them and take them to a colony world in the Delphic Expanse. (ENT: "North Star")

---- Rewarded for his heroism in American Civil War, Lt. John Dunbar is given the post of his choice. He chooses to be stationed on the western frontier, so he can see it before it's gone. (Dances With Wolves)

---- Dunbar arrives at his post to find Fort Sedgewick. After weeks on his own, Dunbar begins to gain the trust of the nearby Souix tribe. He falls in love with Stands With Fist, a white woman raised by the tribe. After a while, the Souix take him in and he marries Stands With Fist.

--- France:
---- Jules Verne's Five Weeks in a Balloon is published, beginning his writing career. In the years to come he publishes such works as Journey to the Center of the Earth, From the Earth to the Moon, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and Around the World in Eighty Days. He becomes revered alongside H.G. Wells as "the Father of Science Fiction".

--- North America:
---- As the Souix begin moving their camp for the winter, Dunbar returns to Fort Sedgewick for some of his belongings. He finds that the Union Army has finally arrives at the fort. The Army receives him with hostility. (DWW)
---- The Souix rescue Dunbar as he is being shipped back to the States.

---- Knowing that the Union Army won't stop hunting him, Dunbar with Stands With Fist decides to part with the Souix.

1864, February 9
--- England:
---- The ironclad sloop HMS Enterprise (10) is launched from the Royal Dockyards at Deptford.

(Enterprise, right)

-- Six months after arriving at the Scagaran colony world, the Humans rebel, overthrow the Scagarans, and destroy the Scagaran space ship. The rebels' leader, Cooper Smith, becomes a folk hero to the Humans and a villainous figure to the surviving Scagarans.

-- The now-freed Humans begin reconstructing their society based on what they remember of their American home. They put in place laws aimed at preventing the Scagarans from ever re-creating their technology or gain any power whatsoever.

-- Chulak:
--- Bra'tac is born. (SG1: "Bloodlines")

-- Earth:
--- United States:
---- Battle fo Pine Mountain is fought during Sherman's March to the Sea. Thaddius Riker is wounded during the fight. He is rescued by a Q. (VOY: "DW")

---- The American Civil War ends.

April 14
---- President Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre.

September 5
---- Hill Valley becomes a city. (BttF3)

---- Clara Clayton at 11 years old becomes ill with diphtheria. Her father gives her a telescope, sparking her interest in astronomy. (BttF3)

September 21
--- England:
---- H.G. Wells is born.

-- Hynaria:
--- Rygel XVI is deposed by his cousin Bishan. He is imprisoned by the Peacekeepers, first aboard the Command Carrier Zelbinion where he is tortured by Captain Selto Durka. ("Wormhole", "PK Tech Girl", "DR")

-- Vulcan:
--- Having finally recovered from the wars 1500 years earlier, the Vulcans return to the stars and begin venturing beyond their star system in warp-powered craft. (ENT: "The Forge")

-- Cardassia Prime:
--- The Cardassian Union is formed. (DS9: "Defiant")

-- Earth:
--- England:
---- The ironclad sloop HMS Enterprise (10) is mothballed.

1871 - 1880
--- Austria:
---- Johannes Brahms (Flint) writes some of his well-known musical pieces.

--- United States:
---- Colt Firearms introduces the Colt .45 caliber double-action cavalry pistol. Author Samuel Clemens will use one against Picard and company 20 years later. (TNG: "Time's Arrow")

1874, June 13
---- USS Enterprise (5), a barque-rigged screw sloop, is launched from Portsmouth Navy Yard, Kittery, Maine.

--- England:
---- The ironclad sloop HMS Enterprise (10) is reactivated for harbor service at Chatham.

--- Italy:
---- Giovanni Schiaparelli sees lines lines on Mars and calls them canali -- Italian for channels or furrows -- translated canals. This suggests they are not natural phenomena, beginning speculation among Humans about intelligent life on other worlds.

March 16
--- United States:
---- The screw sloop USS Enterprise (5) is commissioned with Commander George C. Remey commanding.

---- Seamus and Maggie McFly arrive immigrate from Ireland. (BttF3)

1881, October 26
---- Tombstone, Arizona: The gunfight at the OK Corral is fought. The event would forever define the violence and lawlessness which has become associated with the American West.

--- Europe:
---- The Orient Express, a transcontinental railroad, begins service between Paris and Istanbul.

--- United States:
---- Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen shoots 12 men (not including Indians and Chinamen). He also kills a news reporter who writes an unfavorable article about him. Thus, nothing else is ever written about him. (BttF3)

February 23
--- England:
---- The ironclad sloop HMS Enterprise (10) is sold.

1885, January 1
--- United States:
---- Due to a malfunction in his DeLorean time machine, Dr. Emmett Brown arrives in Hill Valley from 1955. Unable to repair the vehicle, he hides it in an abandoned mine shaft.

---- William Sean McFly is born to Seamus and Maggie, becoming the first McFly to be born in America.

July 4
---- Dr. Brown gets knocked out by a single shot of whiskey.

August 29
---- Hill Valley townsfolk arrange for pickup of Clara. Dr. Brown volunteers.
Aug. 29/a
---- Hill Valley townsfolk arrange who will pick up Clara, the new schoolteacher. No one volunteers.

Monday, September 1
---- Dr. Brown writes a letter and leaves it with the Hill Valley Post Office with instructions to deliver it to Marty McFly in 70 years.

Tuesday, Sept. 2
---- 8:00 AM: Marty McFly arrives from 1955 and stumbles upon the McFly Farm.

Thursday, Sept. 4
---- Dr. Brown saves Clara Clayton from going over Shonash Ravine.
Thurs., Sept. 4/a
---- Clara Clayton and her horse career goes over Shonash Ravine when a snake spooks her horse. Shortly after, the ravine is renamed "Clayton Ravine".

Saturday, Sept. 5
---- Hill Valley; 8:00 PM: The clock tower starts running. During the subsequent celebration, Tannen challenges Marty "Clint Eastwood" to a duel the following Monday morning.

Monday, Sept 7
---- "Clint Eastwood" defeats Tannen.

---- Dr. Brown and Marty hijack a locomotive. Marty returns to 1985 while Dr. Brown rescues a hitchhiking Clara as the locomotive falls into Shonash Ravine.

Mon., Sept. 7/a
---- Tannen kills Dr. Brown over a matter of $80.

1886, November
--- England:
---- The ironclad HMS Enterprise (10) is scrapped

---- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle writes his first significant work, A Study in Scarlet, in which he introduces the character of Sherlock Holmes.

--- United States:
---- The rail bridge over Shonash Ravine, now Eastwood Ravine, is completed. (BttF3)

--- England:
---- London: Seventeen women are murdered by 'Jack the Ripper' knife attacks. It is discovered later that the incorporeal Redjac entity was responsible. (TOS: "Wolf in the Fold")

November 9
---- The body of Mary Jane Kelly is found in Whitechapel. She is the last known victim of 'Jack the Ripper'. (B5: "Comes the Inquisitor")

November 10
---- Sebastian of 14B Herrisburg Lane is found by the Vorlons, shown the error of his ways, and taken from Earth. The Vorlons place him in stasis to be revived when he is needed as their inquisitor.

--- United States:
---- Mark Twain publishes A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

-- Delta Quadrant:
--- Rygel XVI is transferred from the Zelbinion to another prison. ("PKTG")

-- Earth:
--- United States:
---- Guinan arrives and takes up residence in San Francisco, California. (TNG: "TA")

May 20
---- The screw sloop USS Enterprise (5) is decommissioned. She is recommissioned a month-and-a-half later and serves as a training ship for the remainder of her career.

---- Henry Jones, Jr. is born. (IJ)

August 13
---- Aliens from 24th Century Devidia II travel to this year to harvest Human neural energy, using an abandoned mining cavern to focus their trialic waves. During an investigation, Data is pulled back with them. Picard, Riker, La Forge, Crusher, and Troi arrive a few days later. Together with Data and Guinan, they defeat the aliens. (TNG: "TA")

---- During an accident with the Devidians' time-travel device, Data's head is severed as a portal to the 24th Century opens. Riker, La Forge, Crusher, Troi, and Data's body return to the 24th Century with Samuel Clemens, leaving Picard with an injured Guinan.

---- Samuel Clemens returns with the Devidians' time-travel device and allows Picard to return to his time.

--- England:
---- H.G. Wells begins his writing career with the publication of The Time Machine. Over the next few years, he writes several other science fiction books. He becomes revered along with Jules Verne as "the Father of science fiction".

---- Rose Dewitt Bukater is born. (Titanic)

-- Jolinar (in Rosha) and Lantash (in Martouf) of the Tok'ra are mated. (SG1: "TT")

-- Teal'c is born to Ro'nak, First Prime of Chronus. (SG1: "The Light")

September 7
-- Earth:
--- Captain Archibald Witwicky leads an expedition to the North Pole. They becomes trapped in the ice and the captain falls into a cavern where he discovers Megatron. Witwicky accidentally reactivates Megatron's navigation system. Megatron imprints a code on the glasses for the coordinates of the All Spark. Witwicky begins to loose his mind. (Transformers)

--- United States:
---- Morgan Robertson writes a novella called Futility/The Wreck of the Titan, which features the ocean liner Titan that sinks in the North Atlantic after striking an iceberg. An event that plays out in a very similar manner fourteen years later.

---- Henry Jones, Sr. begins searching for the Holy Grail. (IJ: TLC)

--- England:
---- A tugboat is launched with the name Enterprise (11) and services Portsmouth Dockyard.

-- Chulak:
--- Bra'tac, First Prime of Apophis, hides a small scout ship called a Needle Threader. (SG1: "Into the Fire")

December 31
-- Earth:
--- England:
---- George invents a time machine and travels to the future. (The Time Machine)

January 5
---- George returns to his time, arriving late for his dinner with David Filby and friends. Later that night, George travels again to the future, taking three of his books with him. (TTT)

February - December
-- Delta Quadrant:
--- Peacekeeper Command Carrier Zelbinion falls to the Nebari. Selto Durka fakes his death and flees the ship, but is captured by the Nebari and spends the next 100 years undergoing mental cleansing--the removal of all negative emotions. ("PKTG", "DR")

-- The Centauri Republic begins to decline.

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Default Re: Ultimate Timeline, Part III: 1101 to 1900

Once again WOW!!!
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Default Re: Ultimate Timeline, Part III: 1101 to 1900

Well written and nice image Draconia: Fractured Trust Draconia a new story?
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Default Re: Ultimate Timeline, Part III: 1101 to 1900

Thank you. This one really did take a lot of work. But, it was fun.

Originally Posted by GinnyStar View Post
Well written and nice image Draconia: Fractured Trust Draconia a new story?
Yeah, Fractured Trust is a new story that I'm just finishing up (it still needs a bit of polishing).
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Cool Re: Ultimate Timeline, Part III: 1101 to 1900

Originally Posted by McClance View Post
Thank you. This one really did take a lot of work. But, it was fun.

Yeah, Fractured Trust is a new story that I'm just finishing up (it still needs a bit of polishing).
Let me know If I can be of any help! My sight might be as good but I do aid to help me read .rtf files.
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Default Re: Ultimate Timeline, Part III: 1101 to 1900

That was just . . . . WOW!

Great job McClance
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Default Re: Ultimate Timeline, Part III: 1101 to 1900

I added a little bit toward the end there. Including an interesting point I found while researching Part IV
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