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Default Ultimate Timeline, Part II: 1 CE to 1100 AD

Here's Part II: 1 CE to 1100 AD.

Not quite as much going on in this one.

Real World
Star Trek source 1, source 2, Source 3
Babylon 5 Source 1, Source 2
Stargate Source
Galaxy Voyagers (My Universe)
FarScape Source

c. 1 CE
- Milky Way:
-- Queen Egeria spawns the Tok'ra, a group of symbiotes apposed to the ways of the System Lords. Ra captures her and sentences her to "eternal damnation" in a stasis jar. (SG1: "Crossroads", "Cure")
-- P2X-238:
--- Marduk is locked in his sarcophagus by his own priests with a predatory creature. The creature kills the host, but the Goa'uld moves into the creatures, where it survives for the next 2,000 years. (SG1 "The Tomb")

-- Earth:
--- Hathor, Queen of Ra, is placed in a sarcophagus in present-day Mexico (SG1: "Hathor")

--- In search of the All Spark, Megatron of Cybertron arrives and crashes near the North Pole. (Transfomers)

33 CE
--- The Holy Grail is entrusted to Joseph of Arimathea. It then becomes lost for the next 1,000 years. (Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade)

85 AD
-- Platonius:
--- Parmen marries Philana. (TOS: "Plato's Stepchildren")

-- A group of Sebaceans leave the Peacekeepers to form the Breakaway Colonies in the Uncharted Territories. ("DNA Mad Scientist", "Look at the Princess")

-- The System Lords renew their assault against the Asgard and Tok'ra. The battles are fierce and, for the first time, the System Lords make progress against the more advanced Asgard. (SG)

c. 201 - 300
-- Earth:
--- Middle East:
---- A peasant boy rises from "Street Rat" to suitor to the local Princess with the help of a Genie. (Aladdin, Aladdin: The Return of Jafar, Aladdin: The King of Thieves)

-- Vulcan:
--- A savage time. Wars are fought with the use of atomic bombs, a result of the violent passions and emotions that govern the people of this world. A weapon of war is developed called the Stone of Gol, which kills with the power of the mind. (TOS: "Balance of Terror", "Amoke Time", "AOY", TNG: The Gambit, Part 2", ENT: "Awakening")

--- Spock's ancestors adopt a ceremonial ground. (TOS: "AT")

-- 892-IV:
--- The society on this planet evolves on a path similar to that of Earth's Roman Empire (TOS: "Bread and Circuses")

c. 301-400
-- Delta Quadrant:
--- The Vidiian Sodality is ravaged by a deadily viral disease called the Phage. The Vidiians develop a method to harvest organs from non-Vidiians to replace their own. (VOY: "Phage")

-- Golana:
--- The native civilization here becomes extinct. (DS9: "Time's Orphan")

-- Vulcan
--- Vulcans achieve warp capability, but do not venture beyond their own star system at this time. (ST: Star Charts)

--- The Great Awakening: a time of great violence. Surak teaches logic and control of emotions, leading to a period of reformation. (c. 1,800 years b. ENT: "Aw"; 2,000 years b. TNG: "TG2")

--- A group of Vulcans, in rebellion against Surak's teachings, leave their planet to strike out on their own and form a new society. (TOS: "BoT")

c. 375
-- Gamma Quadrant:
--- The Jem'Hadar become the Dominion's first line of defense. (2,000 years b. "What You Leave Behind")

c. 420
-- Beta Quadrant:
--- The rebel Vulcans colonize Romulus and Remus. The Romulan Star Empire is founded.

c. 501-600
-- Earth:
--- The Mayan culture arises. Kulkulkan, a benevolent being, assists in their development. (TOS: "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth")

--- Merlin, realizing the Ori threat, returns to Human form with his Ascended knowledge and powers, making him one of the most powerful beings on Earth at this time. He re-establishes Avalon and begins developing a weapon that could be used against ascended beings. (SG1: "Avalon", "Arthur's Mantle", "The Pegasus Project")

--- Merlin develops a phase-shifting device to hide himself in an alternate dimension to develop his weapon in secret. (SG1: "AM")

-- Merlin starts settlements on other planets, all centered around King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. One of these is Camelot, where he sets up a sanctuary and a library of his research, historical documents, and prophecies. He sets up a sophisticated security system to protect his research and his anti-ascended weapon. (SG1: "AM", "Camelot", "TPP", "The Quest")

-- Fearing that Merlin may succeed in developing his weapon, the Ascended Ancients send Morgan Le Fay to watch him. She finds Merlin on Camelot and destroys the weapon, but, agreeing with Merlin's motives regarding the Ori, preserves him in a stasis chamber. (SG1: "Cam", "TPP", "TQ1")

-- Morgan Le Fay establishes a private network of stargates to hide Merlin and his knowledge of how to build his weapon. She puts in place clues to allow Arthur and his Knights to figure out where Merlin is hidden, but none succeed. (SG1: "Cam", "TQ1")

-- Centauri Prime:
--- Centauri-Xon War is won with the Xon extinct. Just before he dies, the last Xon says, "Aaahhh!!!" (B5: "Parliement of Dreams")

--- The Centauri Republic is founded. Before taking the throne, the first emperor consults three technomages. (B5: "Geometry of Shadows")

c. 650
-- Vulcan:
--- The Vulcan begin venturing beyond their home system. (ENT: "The Forge")

c. 700
-- Metron:
--- The individual who will later settle a dispute between the Federation and the Gorn is born. (TOS: "Arena")

-- Draconia:
--- It is a time of intense violence on this world. The semi-incorporeal Sagens, seeing the vital role that the dragon-like inhabitants will play in uniting the galaxy against the Zargons and Zirquins of the Triangulum Galaxy, send emissaries with the task of absolving the violence. These emissaries choose suitable hosts to carry their energy forms among the Draconians, specifically those who are still young so they are better able to encourage them toward a more peaceful existance. (Draconia: New Order)

--- Jrusk, one of the Sagen emissaries, chooses Vrathrenes as his host, who hatches soon after. Jrusk looks after Vrathrenes and his clutchmates as they grow up, protecting them from their cruel world. (Drac: NO)

-- Kaelon II:
--- The society on this planet adopts the custom of Resolution--a ritualistic suicide practiced by those who reach 60 years of age, thus eliminating the society's responsibility of caring for the elderly. The age of 60 is chosen so those undergoing the ritual are able to say goodbye to their loved ones while still in full possession of their faculties. (TNG: "Half a Life")

-- Solais V:
--- A ferocious war breaks out and will last for the next 1500 years. (TNG: "Loud as a Whisper")

-- Qo'Nos:
--- Kahless defeats Molor and the Fek'lhri and unifies the Klingon nation under a strict warrior code. (TNG: "Rightful Heir", DS9: "The Sword of Kahless")

-- A Nacene expedition arrives from another galaxy and begins to explore the Milky Way. (VOY: "Caretaker", "Cold Fire")

-- Draconia:
--- Vrathrenes, with Jrusk, begins gathering a group of Draconians desiring a more peaceful future. In other parts of the world, other Draconians who are hosts to the Sagen emissaries begin doing the same around this time. (Drac: NO, "Folly")

--- Vrathrenes and his flight set out to organize their own Range under the New Order. They found Sunrise Range on the island-continent that will become known as the Island of Sages. (Drac: NO, "Fo")

c. 900
-- Earth:
--- Draco hatches (DragonHeart; Date speculative)

--- Central America:
---- The Mayan culture begins to fall.

-- Draconia:
--- Vrathrenes sends out scouts to search out others who are weary of the world's violence. The scouts also encounter similar movements led by those who are hosts to Sagen emissaries. (Drac: NO, "Fo")

-- Qo'Nos:
--- The Klingons achieve warp capability.

-- Draconia:
--- The scouts return to Sunrise Range with new recruits for the Movement. (Drac: NO, "Fo")

940 - 950
--- The New Order begin spreading themselves over Draconia, encouraging peace in the areas they settle. This continues for the next six hundred cycles. Many are killed by fellow dracfolk, but others rise up and continue the work. (Drac: NO, "Fo")

-- Delta Quadrant:
--- The Luxans and the Ilanics become blood allies. ("Back and Back and Back to the Future")

c. 954
-- Earth:
--- England:
---- Bowen is born. (DH; ds)

c. 964
---- Prince Einon is born. (ds)

c. 974
---- Bowen begins teaching Einon in the ways of Arthur's Old Code. (ds)

---- A peasant revolt leaves tyrannical King Freyne dead. Einon inherits the crown just before receiving a fatal blow to the heart. Queen Aislinn brings him before a dragon, Draco. At her request, and with the hope of reuniting Man and Dragon, Draco shares his heart with the boy and saves his life.

---- Moments after his life is saved, Einon orders the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress rebuilt and continues his father's tyrannical rule, betraying the oath he made to Draco.

---- Bowen, believing Einon to be corrupted by the Dragon's heart, vows to spend the rest of his life hunting down Draco, beginning life as a dragonslayer. (DH)

---- Einon's castle is completed.

---- Bowen finally catches up to Draco, but does not yet know that this is the dragon that shared his heart with Einon. The two find themselves in a stalemate and strike a deal. They soon become friends and, after a confrontation with King Einon, Bowen once again becomes a Knight of the Old Code and lead a revolt against Einon.

---- Bowen is forced to kill Draco in order to kill Einon. Draco turns to energy and joins his ancient brothers in the constellation Draco.

---- Bowen and a peasant woman, Kara, lead the people in prosperity. (DH; "12 years later")

---- The European Dragons are now believed to be extinct.

-- PXY-887:
--- Aliens who became known to the Salish people of this world as "The Spirits" defeat the Goa'uld ruling this planet. (SG1: "The Spirits")

-- Earth:
--- Griffin flees to the east. He rallies the dragons of that region in rebellion against the ancient vow to watch over Man. (DH: A New Beginning)

--- China:
---- Rockets are invented around this time. (According to Quentin Wilson; October Sky)

1001 - 1100
-- Zetar:
--- All life is extinguished by war except about 100 individuals, surviving as energy patterns representing their thoughts. (TOS: "Lights of Zetar")

-- Hynaria:
--- The Charrids invade. They kill over a billion Hynarians and eat a million of their young before suicide attacks drive them off. ("Infinite Possibilities")

-- Anubis and Telchak battle over the Telchak Device, from which Telchak designed the sarcophagus. Anubis wins, but does not find the device. Telchak hides it on Earth in what would become known as Honduras. (SG1: "Evolution")

-- Anubis is banished from the Goa'uld Empire for "unspeakable crimes". (SG1: "Summit")

-- Anubis retreats to Kheb and tricks Oma into ascending him. Oma realizes her error and attempts to undo her mistake, but the Others step in and send Anubis back "halfway"--between corporeal form and ascension, but remaining an immortal being. He is forbade from using the knowledge and power obtained through ascension, unless he were to obtain it as a Goa'uld. (SG1: "Full Circle", "Lockdown", "Threads")

-- An Unas is taken to the labyrinth on Cimmeria. (SG1: "Thor's Hammer")

- Ida Galaxy:
--- The Asgard become physically incapable of achieving cell division through sexual reproduction. From this point on, the Asgard reproduce through cloning. (SG1: "Revelations")

c. 1005
- Milky Way Galaxy:
-- Earth:
--- China:
---- Virtuous Asian Dragons captures Griffin, who is then curse to live out the remainder of his life as a Man.

---- The Viruous Dragons present Griffin's heart to Emperor Qo-Fan, proving that evil has been destroyed. The emperor, however, becomes fearful and begins wiping out all the Dragons in the East. (DH: ANB)

--- Europe:
---- Battle of Clontarf: Irish warriors led by King Brian Boru defeat invading Vikings. Boru is killed in the battle.

--- England:
---- Bowen returns to Draco's cave and finds a Dragon egg. He entrusts the care of the egg and the hatchling to Brother Gilbert's Monastery shortly before his death. (DH: ANB)

---- Drake hatches.

---- Geoff is born. His parents die during his early years and is raised by the monastery. (ds)

-- Shir-Shraba:
--- The Hyach pass religious laws making it immoral to intermarry with the Hyach-do. (B5: "SotS")

-- Earth:
--- Griffin, under the name of Osric, comes to England. (DH: ANB; ds)

--- England:
---- Lord Osric is named chief advisor to the King.

---- Geoff meets Drake, who comes out of hiding.

---- Osric/Griffin acquires his draconian heart, freeing him from the curse of living as a man. Drake defeats Griffin. (DH: ANB)

-- Earth:
--- First Crusade captures Jerusalem. During the Crusade, three knight brothers uncover the Holy Grail. (IJ: TLC)

-- Medrona:
--- An unknown race of aliens terraforms this planet. (SG1: "Touchstone")

-- Minbar:
--- The Minbari develop space travel.

-- Earth:
--- The First Crusade ends. The City of Alexandretta is destroyed. A new city will be built atop the ruins.
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Default Re: Ultimate Timeline, Part II: 1 CE to 1100 AD

Once again very impressive!!

It's cool seeing the series I know all mapped out on a timeline.

Are you going to make a third timeline?
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Default Re: Ultimate Timeline, Part II: 1 CE to 1100 AD

Not too much going on Depends on how far you wnat to go! "heh" And thanks for the good time line.
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Default Re: Ultimate Timeline, Part II: 1 CE to 1100 AD

Thank you!

Yes, I'm working on Part 3 now. There will be 9 Parts in all by the time I'm done.

Part 3 will be from 1101 to 1900 and a lot more happening.
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Default Re: Ultimate Timeline, Part II: 1 CE to 1100 AD

I look forward to reading your 3rd timeline!!
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Default Re: Ultimate Timeline, Part II: 1 CE to 1100 AD

This is very entertaining, McClance! I especially liked the mention of Quentin Wilson from October Sky which is one of my favorite movies!
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