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Book Collector's Meeting Room Whether you're an experienced collector or just starting out, this is the place to discuss Anne's books in all their various bindings, languages, and cover art.

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Default French magazine "Faeries" with Anne McCaffrey special

A few weeks ago I lost out on what I thought was an intrigueing French (book sized) magazine on eBay to which I was immediately attracted ecause of the cover: Michael Whelan's artwork for All the Weyrs of Pern.
The magazine's name is "Faeries - Toutes les Fantasy" and this particular issue was #23 of Aytumn 2006; the origina price 9 euros ($12). So, a pretty expensive magazine to beging with.

I checked it out on the internet, mainly to find out more about the Anne Mccaffrey Special and found the internetsite of the publisher Nestivegnen. They've got a nice website and did many specials in their magazine that has 160 pages in each issue. They started publishing (apparently) in 2000.
A good list is offered by the excellent French SF site Noosfere.

Recently I won a copy but while the magazine looks fantastic the contents of the Anne McCaffrey "dossier" was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I had my hopes up too high and because of the cover I was also expecting (background) information about covert art, if not international then at least French.

Here's the cover front and front/back, looking very nice and glossy (adding to my expectations):

Most of the interior illustrations for the McCaffrey dossier (on pages 49-80) seem random but it has a few (very) good ones, like these:

The Anne McCaffrey Dossier part is headed by this page:

And has the following articles/chapters:

Anne McCaffrey: l'essor du dragon (by Marc Duveau), with an inset cadres on Restoree on page 53.
It is followed by a "non exhaustive" "Bibiographie" (pages 59-60) (by Ch. Bousquet and S. Dabat), listing only the Presses Pockets (disappointing). How that can be the work of two persons escapes me... Sophie Dabat folows up with an article titled "La Ballade de Pern" (the French series name) (pages 61-73). Then folows an (orginal) article on Anne McCaffrey and the role of music in her works: "Anne McCaffrey et la Musique" (pages 74-75). Next is an article on the Crystal Singer series: "La transe de crystal. Une allégorie de la dépendance" (by Charlotte Bousquet; pages 76-77).
The "Webographie" on page 79 lists two French language sites (by far not enough) and the following under "Les sites en anglais": The official Worlds of Anne McCaffrey site (of course), Dragonhealing and Pern's Dragon, a geocities site... No, I am not especially miffed that my own site, nor Cheryls, nor any of the discussion boards are named, but to put only the three mentioned in a "webographie"... rather silly!

All in all a nice magazine to have but certainly not a valuable collectors item and in my honest opinion not worth its original price of 9 euro.

Hans, also known as Elrhan, Master Archivist

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Default Re: French magazine "Faeries" with Anne McCaffrey special

Oh, how very disappointing! I was eagerly thinking that I've another magazine to look for, but based on what you've said I doubt I'll look for this copy. I couldn't read it anyway, since I do English only.
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Default Re: French magazine "Faeries" with Anne McCaffrey special

Lovely find Hans...I love the cover...but then again we all did when it came out on the cover of the book. The over all look of the article is quite lovely...and professional. I think I would enjoy finding one of these someday and adding it to my collection...but I never would be able to read more than a few words of it...
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