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Default Two quick dragon questions

One: In Red Star Rising, there's a scene where Debera accidentally knocks heads with Morath, and another weyrling remarks that Morath's eyes nearly crossed when she did so. However, we know that dragons don't have "pupils" that can get crossed; instead they see out of every facet in their eye at once. I know I've read other lines like this, which seem to show dragons loking at something without evidently moving their heads. My question is thus how does one tell where a dragon is looking if they don't have any pupils?

I suppose that you could assume that the weyrling was just using a figure of speech, and that Morath's eyes didn't cross, but perhaps there is something visual that could key to what they were looking at. Perhaps there's an area amidst the constantly swirling colours that could end up resembling a pupil (or rather, perhaps the swirls are the equivalent of the pupil)?

Two: I can't find the exact quote at the moment, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that a dragon's mental voice could end up sounding a lot like their rider, albeit as if heard from the end of a tunnel (wait...it might be in Dragonsdawn, now that I think about it...and there's a similar quote in RSR that Morath seems to share some of Debera's vocal characteristics).

Basically, how far do you think this extends? Do all dragons have similar voices to their riders (which would suggest that they gain their mental voice as a result of Impression; by reading the mind of their partner and mimicking their voice)? Would a green dragon with a male rider have a masculine mental voice, or would the green adjust the tone to sound feminine themselves (I suppose the answer to that lies in Sky Dragons via Xhinna and blue Tazith, which I don't have handy at the moment...)?

My latter question is an odd one which sprung to mind after reading the fan-fic Dragonsong: An Alternate Tune, where Ruth Impresses Menolly as the female Ruath, and it got me thinking that figuring out how a dragon's mental tone is chosen could potentially shed some more light on Ruth's nature. In other words, if a dragon mimics their riders voice without adjusting the tone to suit themselves, then this could mean that Ruth is only referred to as being male because this is how he sounds; if Menolly had Impressed him, he would have been thought female due to mimicking her voice instead.

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Default Re: Two quick dragon questions

The bit about the voices is in Dragonsdawn - Sorka can hear Carenath as well as Faranth. And in Dragonseye, Iantine recognizes Morath's voice as being very similar to Debera's.

I think when I wrote Dragonsong: An Alternate Tune I was remembering an old discussion that mentioned Ruth possibly being a hermaphrodite... I don't know. I was wondering how easy the sex of a dragonet is to identify, if the color doesn't give it away.
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Default Re: Two quick dragon questions

A dragons eye facets are many colours that indicate satet of mind, right? Maybe the colours or concentration of them also indicate the way a dragon's sight is directed to/at?
And of course the weyrling was just using a figure of speech, although you could imagine two of the same colour groups (indicating amazement or confusion?) being at both the inside sides of the eyes.

Can't give you a sensible answer on the second one. I suppose the silly answer about how far that can go is how far Anne would have taken it if she had ever wrote more on that. If no other references are found you have to assume, for the sake of future stories, it could go very far because there are no bounds on what hasn't been wrtten (yet). As for Todd's books, I don't presume to be knowleadgeable about them.
I think your thought is a mere hypothesis, I've always thought of Ruth simply as male with no sex drive at all.
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