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Default Hatching from queen's POV

This is one I posted at the KT site for something they were doing. I thought I would post it here as well

The Queen point of view

Fajarith turned each egg over. She was proud of each of her twenty-five eggs. The biggest egg was a queen. She had rolled that egg a little further away from the other eggs and put it on a mound she made. After all it was a queen and should not be with the others.
Her mate Bobith was laying on a ledge that over looked the hatching sands. The hatching ground was a large bowl shaped area. If was full of hot sands, that got hotter as the eggs hardened.

“We make beautiful babies.” Bobith said proudly.

“Of course we do.”

Farjarith turned each egg over and spread them out a little. The boy candidates would be there soon. She wanted to make sure all was in order. She like to space the eggs out so the candidates had plenty of room and would not fall over each other trying to an egg. Most of the candidates she like well enough. They seemed to have a kind disposition. There were two candidates she did not like. They pushed the littler candidates around, so they could get to the larger eggs, when they thought no one was watching.

Fajarith knew and she watched them.

She knew her babies would make good choices. After all they were HER babies. None of her babies had ever made a bad choice. Some of the unborn dragons had already made their choice. Fajarith watched the boys as they came on to the sands. All of them were careful around the eggs. They each walked around the eggs, rubbed them and talked to them. Most of the littler candidates stayed away from the two bigger boys, the ones she did not like, and away from the eggs they liked. Only after they turned to leave did one of the little ones rub one of their eggs. Fajarith admired the courage that one showed. If the bigger boy saw him rub that egg he would cause trouble for the litter one latter.

As soon as the candidates left Fajarith check over each egg, making sure the eggs were unharmed.

“You’re being silly. None of the candidates will hurt an egg.” Bobith told her.

“There are the two I don’t like.”

“Still they will not hurt the eggs. None of our babies will choose badly.”

Fajarith continued to check the eggs and roll them gently. Jennifer her rider, her friend came down to take Fajarith to the feeding grounds.

“Go eat, I’ll watch the eggs.” Bobith told her.

Fajarith quickly ate a herd beast and went back to her eggs. They were hers for only a short time. Soon they would hatch and choose their heart friend. They would no longer be HER babies. She checked them all again.
She laid down with her head around the queen egg, the rest of her curled around the rest of the eggs. Content her babies were still hers at least for a little while longer.

“Fajarith, wake up.” Jennifer spoke into her mind. “I’m bringing the girls down.”

Fajarith stood up and stretched. She rolled the eggs over once again. She then gently nosed her queen egg around. When the girls came on to the sands Fajarith stood with her head over the queen egg.

“Fajarith, do we really need to do this every time. Step back so the girls can look at the egg.” Jennifer told her.

Fajarith stepped back two steps. She laid down with her massive head four feet away from the egg.

“Good afternoon, Fajarith. I hope you are well.” One of the candidates greeted her and curtseyed.

She then joined two other girls who were rubbing the egg. One candidate stood back for a few minutes, before she approached the egg. She had not been in the weyr long and was a little scared of Fajarith.
After Jennifer sent the girls to do chores, she stayed with Fajarith. She rubbed her eye ridges, which Fajarith loved.

“Fajarith, thread will fall over the weyr tomorrow. Every dragon will make sure no thread gets through. There will also be a large team of ground crew on hand to make doubly sure no thread gets to the eggs.”

Fajarith did not like thread falling any where near her eggs. There was nothing she could do about it. She circled around her eggs again, once Jennifer was gone.
The next day Fajarith rolled her eggs so each one was as close to the others as possible. She even moved the queen egg over with the others. She was nervous, thread was not far off. She spread her huge gold wing over the eggs and curled herself around them.

“They will be safe. I will not let thread get to our eggs.” Bobith promised her while chewing firestone.

She did not reply. She checked to make sure every egg was covered by her wing. Jennifer ran over to her. Fajarith lifted her wing enough for Jennifer to get under it with the eggs. They would wait out thread fall together.

“The ground crew is ready to come if needed.” Jennifer told her. “It won’t be long now.”

Minutes latter the deadly thread like rain was over head. Thread would eat any living organism they fell on. They would burrow into the ground and spread out. Every able dragon in the weyr was burning thread before it could hit the ground. Jennifer crouched down so she could peak under Fajarith’s wing. The dragons did their job well. Not one thread strand made it to the ground.

Much relieved, Jennifer went into the weyr to help prepare for injured riders or dragons. Thread was no longer falling over the weyr, but it would still fall for some time yet.

Fajarith spread her eggs out again. She rolled the queen on to her special place. They were safe, for now. The eggs were much harder than they were the day before. It would not be long before they hatched. She checked each egg over. She could hear them moving in their shell. It was time. They would hatch now if she did not stop them.

Most of the dragons were still fighting thread. She pushed her mind at her babies, making them wait. They could not hatch during thread fall she told them. They had to wait. The tiny minds protested. It took everything she had to make them wait. Sleep she told them. Sleep. None of them wanted to wait any longer. Sleep she sent into their small minds. Finally they slept. It would not be long. They would hatch when they woke up. By then thread fall should be over.

She checked them over and gently sent each baby thoughts of love and comfort. When they woke they would not be hers. They would belong to their people.
It was close to dark when they woke up. It was time. There would be no stopping them. She called to the other dragons. The dragons that still had candidates to bring in, left with their riders, to get them. Other dragons and their rider were sent to get all the guest that would attend the hatching. It was a hectic time.

Luckily only four dragons had been scored by thread. None of them seriously. The had already been treated with numb weed and were sleeping.

The dragons that were not off collecting people circled the bowl on ledges, humming welcoming the babies, encouraging them as they worked at breaking their shells.

The second the candidates heard the humming they stopped what they were doing and ran for their white candidate’s robes. The weyr leader, Jam’ll, led them onto the sands. They formed a loose circle around the eggs. watching the eggs carefully. As a candidate arrived he would join the ones already on the sands.
Fajarith stood back a little ways. Watching as her babies hatched and made their choices. They were no longer hers. The little candidate that had bravely rubbed the egg, claimed by the bigger candidate, impressed the bronze that hatch out of that egg.

The candidates for the queen egg were being lead out. She stared at them. Checking them, making sure they were worthy of one of HER queens. Once again she was greeted excitedly by the one candidate. This time none of the girls held back. All four eagerly waited for to the queen to hatch.

Fajarith also watched as well. She watched as the others made their choices as well. They were all choosing well. None of her babies chose the two older boys. Good she thought.

The queen had managed to crack her egg into two and emerged from her egg with a shake. Fajarith hummed her welcome to the new queen. The queen looked at each girl in turn, before stepping towards the girl who had greeted Fajarith. The girl looked in to the little queen’s eyes and impression was made.

Fajarith bugled loudly. All her babies had impressed. All had made good choices. The babies were no longer hers. That was alright. They had true heart friends who would love and care for them.


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