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I am looking for someone who would be willing to read story I am working and tell me what they think and help with some of the grammar and stuff. Mom was helping but can't type very well any more.

The story is about a woman named Ruth who along with her two collies are transported to a different realm. The collies start to speak human. The first "person" they met is a dragon name Jade. Ruth kinda freaks out, Jade takes them all back to her cave and leaves them to get some help. Firewings, the dragon leader, helps Ruth accept the fact that she is not home realm any more. He informs her that he needs to talk to the other leaders and that there was going to be a meeting with the other leaders in which she would need to be at. When he returns the next day he bring an elf, Gayla. Gayla shows Ruth how to butcher the cow like creature that Jade hunted for her as well as some of the other things that she needs to know. After they have eaten Firewings tells Ruth that the land next to theirs has been taken over by an evil ruler and that a prophecy was smuggled out of that land. The prophecy fit Ruth and the collies. It said that three would come from a land and that they would travel with five others to find a crystal wand. Ruth tries to deny that the prophecy means them, but is finally convinced that it is meant for her and the collies and agrees that finding the wand and helping to defeat the evil queen is the only way she will ever get home. They end up traveling with Jade, Gayla, a griffin and a unicorn. It also turn out that the female collie, Dawn has strong healing magic. The male has a strong mind voice and combative magic and Ruth has strong magic abilities as well.

The story is mostly about their journey and the things and people they come across. As well as learning to work together as a group and the collies and Ruth learning to live in the new realm that they find themselves in.

I decided to use dogs, because almost everyone uses cats and I thought that by using dog it would give a new view on things.

If you would like to help me finalize the story please PM me. Thanks.


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