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Exhibit Hall For the exhibition of artistic creations by our members, from poetry and prose to drawings, photography, and digital art.

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Default Some photos by me

I haven't posted photos for a long time and before I get into some of this years I want to show you some of my personal choices for last year, 2012.

Here's a shot I like very well of some overblown wildflowers shot at the huge Floriad Exhibition that is held only once every ten years in my country. In gardens and flower exhibitions and in some garden centres you get wonderful background bokeh.

Wildflowers by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

The next shot is a macro one that I made when accompanying my wife to one of the growers she buys her plants from, during the month of June 2012. The bees couldn't resist the brightly coloured "cocarde" flowers and that made for good posing for me (which they don't always do).

Worker Bee by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

Another favourite macro shot was taken in my wife's garden, alongside the pond. It's a minuature little plant and flower called cloveroot (Geum).

Solitary Cloveroot by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

In August we took a trip through the French regions Alscace, Burgundy and Champagne. The next two shots are from that last, gorgeous region with its flowing hills and (agricultural) landscape.

Lonesome Tree by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

Champagne Landscape by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

In Burgundy we visited Dijon, famous for its mustard but photographically I was more interested in its many churches. On a beautiful day with some clouds (that's lucky, as pure sunshine isn't good for digital photography) I managed to shot this dramatic shot which, I must admit, I enhanced somewhat to strengthen the effect. This must be how medieval men looked up to and experiecned the all powerful and intimidating church.

Dramatic Church View, Dijon by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

Photographic opportunities inside those churches too! This shot of a myriad of wooden chairs was made in the Cathedral of the city of Autun, France. I love to make shots with a visual collection, with many of the same objects.

Church Chairs by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

Earlier in 2012 (May) we were in Tuscany in Italy where I made this photo in the wonderful old and photogenic city of Siena.

Houses, Siena by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

That was more or less a close up but the next one is more like an overview of the beautiful old houses that survived the centuries. This view caught my eye because it had natural framing.

City view, Siena by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

When in Italy we also visited Florence. This is a shot of the river Arno which flows through the city and the old buildings on the river and their reflection in it.

River Arno, Florence by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

Back to our own garden for a flower shot. I love to rummage around Marjon's garden with my 100 mm macro lens:

Purple Flower by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

And the last one is from close to home, taken in a nature park called the "Rhoonse Grienden". It's an age old tidal area along the river I live on (which originates in France) and they grow and cut willow there since centuries.

Rhoonse grienden by Hans van der Boom, on Flickr

These were a few of my favourite shots of 2012. I hope you enjoy looking at them.
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Default Re: Some photos by me

These are all lovely!
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Default Re: Some photos by me

Wow, Hans. Those are some great photos.
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Default Re: Some photos by me

Love them!
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Default Re: Some photos by me

Great pics


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Default Re: Some photos by me

Nice images
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Default Re: Some photos by me

WOWOWOW ...Hans these are LOVELY ...You've really got a wonderful natural talent for this...glad to see that you are still enjoying it so much my friend.
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