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Default Best And Worse And In Between!

This has probably been done to death with the whole favorite and least favorite so I'm gonna do this with a twist. List every book in the series either as good, bad, between, or not read as you'll see me do.

Dragonflight (How can you not like the first book? This is also one of the only books that mostly revolves around Weyr life)

The White Dragon: (Ruth is adorable and I found the whole Dragonrider and Lord Holder interesting)

Dragonsong: (Makes firelizards just as interesting as dragons and you can't help but sympathize with Menolly)

Dragonsinger: (A lot of people tend to dislike this book because Menolly stops being strong and tends to have a lot of angsty moments but I find this book a guilty pleasure.)

Moreta: Dragon Lady Of Pern: (Why would this not be on the top of the list? This is often considered the very best Pern book there is.)

Nerilka's Story: (For the only Pern book to be in first person and a retelling from another side this was a great book I also love how it tells us a bit more about what happened after the incident)

Dragonsdawn: (This quite possibly may be my all time favorite Pern book. We get to see how everything started and had some hard core and rather believable science fiction tones in this one as apposed to the light science fiction themes of the other books)

Dragonseye: (My second favorite Pern book. Seeing things part Dragonflight and part Dragonsdawn really made this a great book for me.)

A Gift Of Dragons: (This is the first book to feel like the original trilogy's writing in a long time. We got two great impression stories and finally more about Runner's were revealed. It even made Aramina much more likable but it kinda threw that out of context with Renegades. The Aramina in this story doesn't seem like the type who'd run off with some guy and leave her family to think her dead nor likely to shun her ability to hear dragons. Honestly Aramina and Jayge's story arc never made any sense to me.)

Dragondrums: (I was rather disappointed to find the last book of the trilogy didn't revolve around Menolly although it too is a good book it really lacked something that made the first two so great.

Renegades Of Pern: (I'm one of the few who didn't mind this story. It did a lot of setting things up and was fairly enjoyable even for a scattered plot. What really ruins it was Jayge's instant thing for Aramina despite only seeing her once and Aramina herself who is too keen to run off with Jayge leaving her family to think her dead and her dislike of her power to hear dragons just really irked me. I wish more time would have been spent justifying why they were so willing to abandon everything just like that.)

Dolphins Of Pern: (Never thought I'd see the day I'd like dolphins as much as dragons but the book really lacks something that I can't put a finger on.)

The Masterharper Of Pern: (Not good not bad and the inconsistencies can really drag the book down but I think this is the first book that ever caused me to get teary eyed with the aftermath of Robinton's wife's demise. I think that was one of the first truly sad moments in a Pern book for me.)

The Skies Of Pern: (Really hangs on the edge of going into the bad section. The book felt like it wasn't all there and the meteor thing just felt like a convenient excuse for dragons. The abominator's thing was also just kinda left hanging as well.)

Dragonquest: (The story was a little too scattered honestly and sadly I found myself happy when the book ended.)

All The Weyr's Of Pern: (Getting rid of thread for good was not the best idea and although having them rediscover their roots was interesting I found myself slogging through the book and finding it rather boring.)

The Chronicles Of Pern: First Fall: (Though Survey PERN and The Second Weyr were interesting the other short stories lost most of my attention. Rescue Run may have been more interesting if it hadn't felt so needlessly drawn out)

Not Read:
Dragon's Kin
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Default Re: Best And Worse And In Between!

Best: Moreta

Good: Nerilka, Dragonflight, Dragonsong, All the Weyrs of Pern, Dragonseye/RSR

Between: The White Dragon, Dragonquest, Dragonsdawn

Worst: The Masterharper of Pern, Dolphins of Pern, Renegades of Pern, Dragonsblood, Dragonskin.

Haven't read: Dragonsfire, Dragonharper, Dragonheart

I'm at work and cannot think of short stories right now.
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Default Re: Best And Worse And In Between!

Hmm. . .

Good: Moreta, Harper Hall trilogy, All the Weyrs of Pern, Nerilka's Story, Dragon's Eye/Red Star Rising

Between: Dragonflight, Dragondawn, Chronicles, Dragonquest, Renegades, the White Dragon, Skies, Gift of Dragons. Dragonfire, Dragonkin, Dragonharper

Bad: Masterharper, Dolphins, Dragonblood

Haven't read Dragonheart yet.


Moreta is a really great book and Nerilka's Story feels like an extension of that. I love the Harper Hall trilogy not only because they are entertaining but also because of the nostalgia I feel when I read them. I liked AtWoP for inexplicable reasons and DE/RSR for the characters.

Dragonflight features Lessa as the Main character, and I don't like her that much. Dragondawn always felt rather cold to me, as did Chronicles, though the story of the second crossing is really good. DQ is okay but not that great, Renegades is too choppy, the White Dragon features a bearable Gary Stu, Skies has a stupid ending, and Gift of Dragons was disappointing in its lack of stuff I hadn't read yet when I bought it. Really I'm pretty neutral on the Todd stuff. It's not the best, but everything except Dragonblood is passable, Dragonharper even verging on the lower end of good if it weren't for that whole learning how to swordfight in a week thing.

MHoP is a horrible mess of discontinuity and sloppy retconning, Dolphins lacks a soul and Dragonblood is a terrible showcase of all that is bad about Mary Sue.
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Default Re: Best And Worse And In Between!

Best: Moreta, Nerilka's Story, Dragonflight, Dragonseye, Harper Trilogy.

Good: The White Dragon, Dragonquest

Bad: Renegades of Pern, All the Weyrs of Pern, Dolphins of Pern

Worst: Everything not mentioned above, especially the most recent titles.
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Default Re: Best And Worse And In Between!

I have read most of the books more than once. My views have changed somewhat so my current view of their standings is
Best --Nerilka's Story,DragonSong,Dragonsinger, Dragonflight,White Dragon
Good--Dragonsdawn,ATWOP, Dolphins of Pern, Moreta,DragonDrum,Skies of Pern
Bad/Worst Dragonkin,DragonHarper,DragonBlood and DragonFire

I like reading about the first years and like some of the Chronicles First Fall stories
I am not a great fan of Moreta (don't shoot me)
I prefer reading about the 9th pass as I love most of the people of Pern from that time frame.
I am not sure where to put MHOP as I love Robinton but Dragonseye,MHOP and Moreta are the 3 most unlikely for me to reread.
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Default Re: Best And Worse And In Between!

Best: Moreta, Dragonflight

Good: Dragonquest, Dragonsinger, Dragonsong, Dragonseye, Chronicles of Pern

Decent: White Dragon, Dragondrums, Dolphins of Pern, Renegades of Pern, All the Weyrs of Pern, Skies of Pern, Chronicles of Pern, Masterharper of Pern (Barely)

Bad: Dragonsdawn, Nerilka's Story, Dragon's Kin, Dragon's Blood

Never Read: All the newer releases by Todd.
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Default Re: Best And Worse And In Between!

Good: Dragonsdawn, Dragonseye, The White Dragon, All the Weyrs of Pern, Gift of Dragons

Between: Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern, Nerilka's Story, Dragonflight, Dragonquest, Harper Hall Trilogy, Skies of Pern, Chronicles of Pern

Least Good: Todd's books, Masterharper of Pern, Renegades of Pern, and Dolphins of Pern
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