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Gold RP weyrs?

Everyone online is currently making online role play weyrs and they can actually be fun but why did they all pop up over night?I ....attepted to create one and learned im no internet genuis man that stuff is hard :p
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Default Re: RP weyrs?

Well, if yo want to promote your RP weyr her, go right ahead.
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Default Re: RP weyrs?

These have by no means 'popped up overnight'. There have been online roleplaying games based on the Pern novels for decades (literally), in many formats - email based, forum based, MU*s, and more. For a long time, it was not permitted to make new ones, per order of Anne McCaffrey, but this rule was relxed again in, I think, 2005, and many have come and gone since then.
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Default Re: RP weyrs?

What semantre said. If you're interested in the long history of Pern roleplaying via MUSH/MUX, Pern has long had a dedicated forum at pernmu.com. And you can find out which games are currently active in the advertising forum there.
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