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D. M. Domini
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Default A Weyr!

Have no idea if it's real or photoshopped. Found it using Stumbleupon.
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Default Re: A Weyr!

Oooh! Top secret government installation!

Or maybe the place where they filmed "You Only Live Twice"?
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Tamara Henson
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Default Re: A Weyr!

That is neat. If they do the movie live action they could use that for a set (with some proper matting to remove the buildings and ocean of course). Wonder what it is actually for?
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Default Re: A Weyr!

Wonderful! But it's too green.
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Default Re: A Weyr!

Grud that's cool. Be nice if it's real
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Default Re: A Weyr!

wow. Love the limestone/chalk weyr like cave settlement on the outer edge.
Have seen one extinct volcano with a lake inside. In Grenada, Lake Etang. it to was very green but way to shallow. No where near as dramatic as this one. :0)
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Default Re: A Weyr!

That is a really great pic. Would love to know where it was.
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Default Re: A Weyr!

I think that's one of the Izu islands, off the southern coast of Japan.
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Default Re: A Weyr!

I google mapped Izu Islands and couldn't find that specific one, but I found one that looks even more like a weyr to me, even though it has no lake and I'm not sure how big it is. https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Izu+I...lands&t=h&z=16 Actually, now that I looked at it again, It looks pretty small. However, https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Izu+I...lands&t=h&z=17 looks like a good hold location.
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