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D. M. Domini
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Default Excerpt from "The Skyboom"

I'm in the midst of re-writing The Skyboom, and I can't help but love these paragraphs so much that I want to share them early.

* * * *

And as Robinton returned F'lon's surprisingly hearty hug in amiable surprise, Lessa realized with a shock that she recognized the man. Not as Robinton, their Robinton with white jaw-length hair and wisdom in his blue eyes and a ready smile for everyone, no, but as the man with the thick, long brown braid who had frequented Ruatha Hold more and more often in the days before Fax had...

"You taught me a song," she told him before she could stop herself.

"Beg pardon?" Robinton asked, realizing he was being addressed.

"You sat me on your knees," Lessa said. "And taught me a song my Harper didn't know."

"Which song?"

Lessa tried to recall the exact tune, and, surprisingly and to her own dismay, could not. "It was about the holds," she said pensively.

Robinton blinked. "This one?" And he sang one of the older teaching songs, in a clear, skilled baritone that had perhaps less age to it than they were accustomed to. It was a voice that hadn't been heard in the Weyr for turns.

"I sing that one a lot to young children," Robinton said, after completing the first verse. "And it is true that I've sat some of those children on my knees before. The version that commonly circulates isn't my original, and I think the original is more in tune, if you will, to a young child's mind, given I was a young child myself when I composed it. But--" and he looked apologetic here, "--if I may be so bold, you're a little...grown...Weyrwoman...to have sat on my knees at any point while I sang you teaching songs."

"Are you sure?" F'lon asked.

Robinton's brow furrowed. "What?" he said to his friend.

"Are you sure that, if you rack your brain, there aren't any grown women you ever sat on your knees and sung songs to?"

That surprised a tenor laugh out of Sebell. Menolly tried to hush him, but it didn't work well given the note of laughter in her voice too.

Robinton gave F'lon an indulgent look. "Yes. I'm sure."

F'lon turned away and ambled back to the stool he'd sat on earlier. "Well, that explains the state of your love life," he said to the room in general, and sat.

Robinton stalked over and laid a hand on F'lon's shoulder. "Don't worry F'lon; you have a dragon. As long as he keeps catching greens, your love life will be just fine."

* * * *

PWN'd, by The Harper. <3

(Feel free to comment right in this thread, if you have a comment.)
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Default Re: Excerpt from "The Skyboom"

That put a grin on my face!! Thanks for sharing it now. I really like this story and can't wait to read more of it!
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Default Re: Excerpt from "The Skyboom"

Must have more story!


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Default Re: Excerpt from "The Skyboom"

That paragraph has a nice flow to it. I do look forward to reading more.
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