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Default Dragon Toss

I've been trying to picture in my head Thread resupply for a while. When a rider is out of firestone, do they return to the ground where Thread is falling where a senior weyrling (or other pair perhaps too old/injured to fly) gives them a full bag?

Then the fighting pair must either between back to formation or manually make the flight back to the wing?
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Default Re: Dragon Toss

Pretty sure they send the weyrlings to get new sacks from whoever has them on the ground and those sacks are flown up and tossed to who needs them mid-air. I think Dragonlover's Guide to Pern mnetioned that firestone sack duty is one of the main ways they lose weyrlings during threadfighting.
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Default Re: Dragon Toss

Yes. Dragon rider withdraws to well ahead or behind threadfall and weyrling flies overhead to drop full sack to rider who then drops the empty sack. Weyrling dives under rider to grab the empty one.
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Default Re: Dragon Toss

I always had a hard time envisioning flinging 50 +/- pounds of solid rock pieces into the air and then catching them. I know dragonriders are supposed to be very fit, but with inertia that weight has got to be much more than the average weight of the rocks themselves, especially catching them at an angle.

Pern would need chiropractors in abundance for the back issues. ;P

I also picture the dragons have to be far enough away not to tangle wings or hit each other, yet the further they are, the heavier the sack of stone riders have to catch (in the face) and whatnot.
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Default Re: Dragon Toss

There is a good image description in Dragonseye /Red Star Rising, When K'van the Eyerleader calls for firestone,, , t I don't recall all of it, but they do the dragon pair is above the ones that need the stone, and drops the stone, , I re recall that after the then K've uundo the kknots that hold the old sacks , they fly free, and they s go bbelow to get them, I wish I could post a link to what I am talking about,, but I just got done with what I nneed to know , and I haven't learn all the shortcuts for my text-speach softweare yet, but after the report is written and OK, I hope to be working one-one with someone to help me better,

The only ttime we see ththem landing, are the quen's wings in Moreta for they can't tossed like full sacks of firestone, and where the wyerling loss is not haveing a good image going in or out of between, Or having the landing space and maybe ending up in rock and getting k killed, with a bad image, like almost havppen to the young blue wyerling that bbroght Moreta's new tank, he hasn't been theheir he could have end ede up in the rock not next to it, and fancy flying or betweening like that is a loss on any Wyer resources e, a preventable one, and would effect the whole Wyer from it. But between her queen and hher, pushment putting him on cold wwatch should help. , just what is needed during Fall.

Also handling firestone sacks , is a duty if the watcfh pairis found sleeping on the watch, its a durty job but someone neededs to bbe done. Maybe they are the guides for the wing of respliers ?

I hope I helpedeven with my real life added in the middle. I still need to understand my systems more, before I can post better
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