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Gold Dragon wings & Flight

I think I remember reading in Dawn that baby fire lizards can fly as soon as their wings have dried (which is not long after hatching).

Would the same not also hold true for baby dragons? Of course, they couldn't carry a rider until they had grown and their muscles had matured, but shouldn't they be capable of riderless flight at a fairly young age?

Does anyone recall how quickly the first group of weyrlings in Dawn were flying? I don't have a copy to look for myself.
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Default Re: Dragon wings & Flight

Assuming dragons and flits are scaled proportionately, it's important to bear these facts in mind:

Wing span scales linearly
Wing area will scale as the square of the proportional increase in wing span
Body mass will scale as the cube of the proportional increase in wing span

So, would flying from birth automatically hold true for dragons? No^3.
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Default Re: Dragon wings & Flight

Unless, of course, dragon flight is all telekinetic anyway since they can carry as much weight as they "think" they can.

If that's the case, I'd say they can fly as soon as the telekinetic effort of flying is possible from an energy standpoint...but...I have a feeling they'd be wildly uncoordinated until older.
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Default Re: Dragon wings & Flight

Yup, TK would have different limits, but then you need to extrapolate from a different starting point.

Also, dragons are Impressed to humans who have the sense to know (intuitively if not logically) that a creature that size gas no business flying until it's built up the musculature that can support it. If a dragon *could* coordinate itself well enough for TK powered flight (which they never, ever do before the back end of the ninth pass, unless you count Heth hovering in a clearing in one of the shorts), that human partner is going to be a massive inhibiting factor against it.
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Default Re: Dragon wings & Flight

TK is a terrible patch solution to a problem that increasingly doesn't need solving in the first place. The DLG suggests that the baby dragons actually should be able to fly from shortly after hatching, which is probably true but they seem to have been inhibited from it from the time of the first riders on... That said, because dragons are ungainly and there's a necessary push to get them feeding (and consequently, hunting!) on their own before too long, I suspect they fly riderless for short hops-and-skips from as early as a couple of months.
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Default Re: Dragon wings & Flight

I'm pretty sure Lessa makes a huge fuss over Ramonth's clutchmates being allowed to learn how to fly when she herself cannot, which implies to me that they aren't flying from hatching, or probably for the first few weeks thereafter.

If every hatchling started flying right away, it would be harder to restrict Ramonth's flights, as I believe they did? Some mention of Ramonth's first flight being 'the flight' when Lessa was angry at R'gul?

For fic purposes, I've gone with flight training starting around 3 months, and the first flight with their riders being about 6 months, but that's largely arbitrary on my end.
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Default Re: Dragon wings & Flight

Well, my bit, Dragonsdawn, the young dragons, they are flapping their wings while still just eat, bathing, oiling. Sean shows that tad under a year old dragon can fly without much problems
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