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Wicked Wonder
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Default Odd reading order

Most of the time, I reread my Pern books in two ridgid orders- chronologically or publication date. This time, I started with RoP because I never remember details from that book, other than the obvious, and sometimes I even will skip it because usually Aramina annoys the fool out of me. I actually enjoyed it this time and I'm thinking I'm going to ATWoP because it leads so nicely into it. (Also, my sig always is right when I come on the boards!) So after this lengthy intro, I would like to know if anyone else skips around or do you pretty much stick to the one true way?
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Default Re: Odd reading order

I always read in chronological order. I like the flow of the correct time line because I like to see the evolution of Pern and it's people.

Oh, and I never skip any of the novels, but sometimes I skip some of the short stories (Runner of Pern & Ever the Twain). But only sometimes...

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Default Re: Odd reading order

With all the Anne-sistancies (& even if one assumes the Todd-isms are attempts to fix some of those) in the series--it might very well be better to read them as standalone stories. They certainly are not bad as standalones.

Reguardless of reading the series in chrono- or publication-order, depending on how well one remembers what they just read, the errors can start to be glaring
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Wicked Wonder
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Default Re: Odd reading order

That's the thing- I will remember some things almost word for word and other things sift right through. The inconsistancies don't really bother me, but different characters ping my gag meter. This time, I will probably skip DoP because although I was pleasantly surprised by RoP, I'd be pushing my luck to get away with liking DoP.
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Default Re: Odd reading order

I read what ever book I find first when I am in the mood for Pern. One of my fav. is Dolphins of Pern.


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Default Re: Odd reading order

I guess if I knew I was going to read the whole series again, I'd pick one of three options:

1. Publication order
2. Chrono order
3. Publication order by Pass (eg, all 9th Pass books, in pub order, then change Pass)

But I'm much more likely to randomly pick a book and read several from there, rather than tackle the whole series.
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Default Re: Odd reading order

Like Cheryl, I pick at random or according to my personal fav list of books within the series (the lowest on the list just don't get reread much).
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Greenrider Tresa
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Default Re: Odd reading order

I don't think I'd try reading the entire series straight through just because there are other things I want to read too. But I tend to group them by pass, or just pick a book I feel like reading. Might or might not continue in chronological order from there.
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Default Re: Odd reading order

I tend to pick them up randomly, and since I've read most of them so many times, I also just tend to read the parts I liked the best out of them rather than the whole thing. For example, most of TWD is boring. I skip to the parts where exciting stuff happens, like the kidnapping of the queen egg or the confrontation with Toric. In DQ I really like the part where F'nor tries to go to the Red Star. That's exciting. I like to read that, then skip right over to DSinger and read the same event from Menolly's perspective. I just read Iantine's sections in DE/RSR. I avoid MHoP completely. I love Moreta, so I read the entire thing. It just depends. One of these days I want to read the whole series, Todd's books included, in chronological order, but since the first time I read the series (starting with DSinger, the middle of a trilogy I was kind of confused to say the least, but didn't care enough to stop and find DSong) I've never read the books in any kind of order.
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Default Re: Odd reading order

When I read them, I do tend to do so in chronological order, but I do, also, sometimes skip some stories or books.
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Golden Talisath
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Default Re: Odd reading order

Well, seeing as this is the first time I have a chance to read the whole series, I wanted to read only some of the books (manly 9 Pass) but decided to read them all, in chronological order. Later, I’ll probably stick to the ones that I like the most, or read only parts of the books.
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Default Re: Odd reading order

I tried an interesting experiment introducing my husband to the series...he isn't much of a reader but does like science fiction...so I started reading the series to him anytime we had a lengthy car ride...the method I used was pure chronology (and by that I mean switching books between scenes to stay chronological ) starting from renegades, through flight, quest/song/singer, white/drums. Its a very different but kinda fun experiance this way. I'm currently introducing him to the pegasus books then we will see what I read him next

You will notice a minor oops reading the series this way though Zair is born twice as he is on Robinton's shoulder at a meeting in one book which he is born AFTER in the other...its subtle but we laughed like crazy when we realized what a little trickster Zair was.

Edited to explain that we were reading multiple books at the EXACT SAME TIME

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Default Re: Odd reading order

I forget what order I read them in when I first started them. I know I started with DF, DQ, and TWD. There was a period of time when all of our Pern books were split between my house and my grandmother's house since some of them are her books, but now they are all together at my house. I remember at one point, we couldn't find the copy of Renegades, so my mother bought a paperback copy, of course not too soon after that we found the hardcover copy. Murphy's Law is a family friend.

When I'm rereading, I'll often just pick up a book. Although, if a new book comes out, then I'll reread all the books pertaining to that time period before the new books comes out so the story is fresh in my mind. I did that several times with Harry Potter, and the Deryni novels. So probably sometime in the near future, I'll reread some of Todd's books before the new one comes out later this summer.
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Default Re: Odd reading order

I prefer to read them in published order, as it reminds me of my own voyage of discovery growing up with the books as they were published. But sometimes I just grab the one that appeals to me at the time, which might then lead on to the next one...
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