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Default Weyr Leader and Green Rider

Have always been curious as to how a Bronze rider and Weyr Leader (T'gellan) could have a Green rider (Mirriam) as his mate. Was she just agreeable to him mating with someone else when the Golden Queen and Weyr Woman challenged Bronzes for mating and leadership?
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Default Re: Weyr Leader and Green Rider

I've wondered that too. She probably accepted it. And who flew her green? Be funny if her green (forgotten it's name) should rise at the same time as the gold weyrwoman's
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Default Re: Weyr Leader and Green Rider

Yeah, T'gellan and his bronze couldn't be in two places at once... hehe. I'd be surprised if that situation wasn't already written up in someone's fanfiction.
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Default Re: Weyr Leader and Green Rider

Well when they first open the Weyr he was name Weyrleader, of 'Eastern Weyr' / Monaco Bay Weyr didn't come till later. Also in the Meeting of Weyrleaders at Cove Hold he there with both of them, and at the Council Meeting, two of the Weyrwomen don't attended book is not to hand. Nadira and Talina were two that rarely attend this meeting according to Lessa in Skies of Pern.

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Default Re: Weyr Leader and Green Rider

Mirrim's weyrbred. Why would she try to insist on monogamy when dragons are involved? She was raised with the (healthy) expectation that your romantic relationships and the needs of your dragon are two different things, and the dragon comes first.

As long as the Weyrwoman doesn't try to horn in on Mirrim's private time with T'gellan, I imagine the two women get along well. The Weyrwoman probably has her own man, herself.

Honestly, that's the kind of relationship we're told over and over dragonriders are supposed to have, despite the narrative often focusing on the supposedly-rare monogamous romances like Lessa/F'lar or Tai/F'lessan. The typical Weyr romance involves people like Mirrim, who isn't stupid enough to be jealous of her lover's bronze, and Moreta, who maintains a professional relationship with her Weyrleader while taking lovers who are more to her taste.
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Default Re: Weyr Leader and Green Rider

I think the name 'Eastern Weyr' was just a placeholder till they decided to call it Monaco Weyr. They didn't know the names of the original settlements till they unearthed the AIVAS building. The maps they found in the ships were probably views from space.
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Default Re: Weyr Leader and Green Rider

I agree with pearldiver--if Path decided to rise when it wasn't convenient for T'gellan to be there, that's just the way it goes in the Weyr. As for the Weyrwoman, if T'gellan wins, great, if not, oh, well, new Weyrleader. She has nothing to lose. I would think if anything it's in Mirrim's best interest to want T'gellan Weyrleader, as any authority she has is entirely because she's his weyrmate and he lets her get away with it since green riders basically have no rank other than 'dragonrider.'
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