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Default Re: Lunzie and Fiona

Originally Posted by granath View Post
Nimisha also went away for a while, and got
She had to my the extra mmoney to the credits, to on Erehwon for much longer than she planned to be away.

Right the reason they came to where she levt her daughter is her early work in cologe,, but it didn't work, so she had a traning that was in space, and when she was hired it wqas just starting, but the her, lost pod wads found they were near having wat need to a dome, but she needed still the extra money to add here to the to it, she needed traning, like she told her descent, which I got lost after her grandchilden, no good bloodline, and I am not any good at that kind of thing, even if I tried wit a small to make assoication so I could understand something else, just r re-found it after I started typeing,.

She loan money to one for her greats I thought this one was the one that got was Sass parents, but now I don't recall. , I can't get to it, right now, even if I do have all three-in-one, and I can't even read it now.

Sorry, I am having a hard putting into word what I see in my mind.
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