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Default Re: This has nothing to do with anything but...

Dear Lanen, I am NOT saying this to flatter you but the few words I heard you pronouce over the telephone were pronounced extraordinarily well for an English speaker of US descent Very well indeed. But yes, though I made some fun of it I do understand your hesitation

Herman van Veen! Will you believe he does a lot of cabaret (the Dutch kind, which comes very close to the work of a standup comedian) and he indeed sings very well. He sings like the trained opera singer he isn't I should look if I can find his LP/CD with Leonard Cohen songs which he sings in Dutch... very special; can you imagine him singing Susanne? If you're interested here's a site with both the English and Dutch text:

Lanen, you have a very beautiful voice and I count myself lucky that I can now say so because I heard you talk and read from Song in the Silence. Let me assure you that that reading was very, very special. Not only because it was you, a favourite author, reading from your own work but also for the quality of your voice and your orational ability. No making fun here, I'm dead serious. Next time we meet you must also sing!

Friendly sounding German eh?
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