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Default Re: Went to my HS homecoming game!!!!

I'm not sure if my high school had a 10 year or a 15 year reunion for us. Since I left high school, I think I've seen about 3 people from my class in the last 18 years since I've left. One I know still lives in the area, one I saw when junior spent 4 (nearly 5 months) at the Royal Children's hospital in Melbourne (that was 10 years ago) and one I saw on a regular basis for 2 years after we left school because she was the security guard at one of the nightclubs, I used to go to in my "clubbing" days (that was really handy as it was a quick way of getting into the pub without having to show ID. You know what...that particular pub is now a block of apartments )

I've kept up with 3 friends from my school - 2 were the year level below me and the other was in the one above.

Actually someone put a piece in one of the big papers and so I sent an email to them but I haven't heard back from them so I may email them again soon!
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