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Originally Posted by mawra View Post
Things I learned last night

Best place for a dog to get bit by a copper head snake is the face. More lose skin that allows for swelling.

I don't like the animal E.R in Lynchburg. They won't touch the pet until you pay. They're expensive.

Morphine makes even Sam sleep all night

Dogs are like kids, they get hurt when normal vets are closed.
I guess you now know that your poor pup will be okay. Copperhead bites are seldom more than a bother for pets. A possum can be more dangerous, especially for cats. Cat gets too close out of curiosity and ends up getting bit in the throat by the possum. I lost a sweet cat that way, and another survived, but never had much of a voice.

In Missouri there has never been a human death by copperhead bite.
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
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