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Default Re: Fire Lizard age to Flame

At the time of the wherry attacks, Sorka notes that Duke is down to eating one meal per day and appears to be fully grown (compared to the wild ones). There aren't any clear date-markers in the text, just comments about certain crops doing well or not, litters of kittens and puppies, births of a few larger animals (but not horses yet) --- and the fact that it took 6 weeks for the wherries to discover the chickens as "a new source of food". I'd guess Duke might be as much as 6 months old.

Another reference is when Menolly is sitting with Robinton and Lord Groghe at the Fort Gather, and she says that Mirrim's fire-lizards are several sevendays older than hers and not more than a fingertip bigger. All rather vague, I know.

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