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Default Re: Firelizards in Fanfiction (Logistics)

Originally Posted by Michelle View Post
So, I'm writing a Pern crossover fic (because it's not like I have essays due or anything...) and I'm kind of coming up against a few minor things, so I'm looking for some more opinions.

Firstly, if someone from modernish earth found a pair of firelizards and built them an enclosure underground with artificial sunlight, would they still rise to mate? My understanding is that dragons seem to require sunlight to some degree or other. Is this likely to apply to firelizards?
No, because it doesn't apply to dragons. Dragons like to bask in the sun, and the sun can enhance a female dragon's colour/help get her in the mood, making her rise either unexpectedly or a bit earlier than she might have done otherwise, but it's not something she needs. Think of it as a bit of a mild aphrodisiac if anything at all.

I'd be more worried about the lack of sunlight giving them the equivalent of vitamin d deficiency


Secondly, if someone from modernish earth found a firelizard (and obviously they wouldn't have read the Pern books), what would they call it? Can I get away with calling them firelizards? Would dragonets be better? What if they already have dragons? Wouldn't calling them dragonets then be confusing?
They don't have scales, so I'd avoid any lizard terminology. Mini-dragons? Dragonlings?


At what point, assuming you're a top secret scientific research type person do you announce that you've found a species of magical, telepathic, teleporting lizards from another planet? As soon as the first appears? Once you've discovered everything there is to know? Once the dragons show up?
When you have your Nature paper accepted for publication and the relevant umbrella patent applications submitted. I'd say six months to a year.
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