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Default Re: General Pern trivia

Judging by the response (rather, the lack of it) this month's contest hasn't exactly worked. I am going to post up the answers anyway, for those mildly interested or no.


1) We all know the name of the owner of Sariel's Guide to Pern; spell 'it'.

A: I - T

2) List up to four short stories of Pern, by Anne McCaffrey.

A: "The Smallest Dragonboy"; "The Girl Who Heard Dragons"; "The Impression"; "Survey: P.E.R.N.c"; "The Ford of Red Hanrahan"; "The Second Weyr"; "Dolphin's Bell"; "Rescue Run"; "Runner of Pern"; "Ever the Twain"; "Beyond Between" <>

3) In 2001, who was photographed whilst he or she bowed down to Master Sariel?

A: Apprentice Achivist R'jor (aka Corsaith) <>

4) The only blue to appear in The Masterharper of Pern belongs to whose wing?

A: Mnementh's <>

5) What is the fifth book in Sariel's suggested reading order?

A: Dragondrums <>

6) In what turn does Orlith become the senior queen at Fort Weyr?

A: 1549 <>

7) Sariel's Guide to Pern first went live on what date?

A: 12 October 1998 <>

8) In an poll conducted in April 2000, who was the third most hated man?

A: M'tani <>

9) Whose name rhymes with "Merry Hell!"

A: Sariel (of course!) <>

10) What sort of cake did Anne get in Alaska, on her birthday?

A: a "White Dragon" cake <>

11) In what month was the latest observation by Sariel made?

A: October <>

12) Who organised Sariel's mastery, and what is his or her name on MOM?

A: Elrhan aka Hans <>

13) What two novels are set in the eigth interval?

A: Dragonflight; The Masterharper of Pern <>

14) Who re-invented the abacus?

A: Jemmy <>

15) According to Hans, If you are are Pern lover you must have visited what site (more than once)?

A: Sariel's Guide to Pern <>

16) Who is the only known grandparent of Robinton, and on which side (maternal or paternal) does he or she make an appearance?

A: Roblyn of Pierie Hold; paternal <>

17) Who is F'lar's mother?

A: Larna of Benden Weyr <'lessan>

18) What is the first line of the special announcement about the Pern Museum?

A: "Sorry, the Pern Museum has not opened its doors yet." <>

19) What are the two curse words listed that start with the letter 'b'?

A: begreened; benighted <>

20) In what book does the watchwher song appear?

A: Dragonflight <>

21) Who wrote "Pern: a Cultural Analysis"?

A: David M. Shea <>

22) To which people is the the Pern Museum & Archives dedicated?

A: Anne McCaffrey; General Cherry Duff <>

23) Name two major contributors to the Pern Museum & Archives.

A: Cheryl Miller aka Sariel; Anneli Conroy aka Journeywoman Ilenna; Becki Stacy aka Menai <>

24) In what country can you normally find Elrhan the Archivist?

A: the Netherlands <>

25) Which fire lizard has a name that was also shared by Ghyle's first (and last) pet cat?

A: Emmet <>

Tie-breaker: In 25 words or less, who do we all love?

A: Anne McCaffrey (who else?)
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