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Default General Pern trivia

You should know the basics by now: email or pm the answers to me before the 15th of next month. Also, as a special treat, this month's questions come from Sariel's Guide to Pern, and the Pern Museum and Archives.


1) We all know the name of the owner of Sariel's Guide to Pern; spell 'it'.

2) List up to four short stories of Pern, by Anne McCaffrey.

3) In 2001, who was photographed whilst he or she bowed down to Master Sariel?

4) The only blue to appear in The Masterharper of Pern belongs to whose wing?

5) What is the fifth book in Sariel's suggested reading order?

6) In what turn does Orlith become the senior queen at Fort Weyr?

7) Sariel's Guide to Pern first went live on what date?

8) In an poll conducted in April 2000, who was the third most hated man?

9) Whose name rhymes with "Merry Hell!"

10) What sort of cake did Anne get in Alaska, on her birthday?

11) In what month was the latest observation by Sariel made?

12) Who organised Sariel's mastery, and what is his or her name on MOM?

13) What two novels are set in the eigth interval?

14) Who re-invented the abacus?

15) According to Hans, If you are are Pern lover you must have visited what site (more than once)?

16) Who is the only known grandparent of Robinton, and on which side (maternal or paternal) does he or she make an appearance?

17) Who is F'lar's mother?

18) What is the first line of the special announcement about the Pern Museum?

19) What are the two curse words listed that start with the letter 'b'?

20) In what book does the watchwher song appear?

21) Who wrote "Pern: a Cultural Analysis"?

22) To which people is the the Pern Museum & Archives dedicated?

23) Name two major contributors to the Pern Museum & Archives.

24) In what country can you normally find Elrhan the Archivist?

25) Which fire lizard has a name that was also shared by Ghyle's first (and last) pet cat?

Tie-breaker: In 25 words or less, who do we all love?
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