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Chat Room Guidelines:

The Chat Room at A Meeting of Minds operates under the same basic rule as the forums: Behave Decently! If you feel a chatter is not adhering to this rule, you can and should report that person to a moderator. Please include in such reports the login name of the user, and the time and date of the incident.

While we will not be actively monitoring the chatroom 24/7, we can check transcripts to verify problems. We have the ability to log private messages, but at this time we have that ability turned off out of respect for your privacy. Should there be a reported incident of indecency in pm, we may need to turn on this ability in the future, and may do so without warning.

While the MoM community is on the surface a very friendly and safe place, please remember that the internet is full of scammers and predators and we can make no guarantee that such persons are not members of this site. Be wary of sharing any personal data (real name, address, phone number, email, etc), especially if you are under 18 years old. You are responsible for your own safety on this site -- as you are elsewhere on the net.

At this time we are allowing guests who are not registered members of the board visit the chatroom. If problems occur we can and will alter this policy.

Visit the site's FAQ for information on chat room commands and other common questions.
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