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Default Re: AU: What would YOU change?

Honestly I'd make Thella more of an antihero than a complete villain, and send her south too. Toric could use the competition and the check on his power that is NOT coming from Northern lords, but another settler just as fiercely ambitious and independent as him. We could even keep the raiding parties part; that's where she gets the initial funds and supplies, and when they start getting too much attention from the Authorities, rather than staking her continued criminal activities on a teenage girl who MIGHT hear dragons, she packs up her band and head south for settlement. She bargains a ship or two and her own crew from disaffected fisherfolk, and gets blown off course. It's her people who end up settling Paradise River, and start building off the original settlement. Since they're so distant from Southern, when the Oldtimers get banished it's HER hold that becomes the preferred harbor people moving south sail for.

She becomes a successful southern holder and competes with Toric over who has the largest slice of the pie, but they team up when it comes to the Conclave as uneasy allies against the Northerners. Larad HATES it when she gets her own official lord holder title, because he and Asgener KNOW it was her leading that band of holdless for seven turns, they just can't PROVE it since they never had a chance to raid her secret hide out and their mole actually LOVES living in the south and won't give her up now that she's not pillaging anymore

Toric hates that she got a Lord title first, and they both know she got it because she is a lord holder's daughter. She's too ruthless and entitled to refuse it, but does resent that it comes as much from her Blood status as it does from her accomplishments in the south.

Also she gets irritated that her spoiled younger sister Kylara decides that rather than taking over High Reaches, she would found another new Weyr east of Paradise River to maintain access and control over the fire lizard trade, and leave that wretched frozen Weyr to her wretched frigid subordinate. So not only does Thella have to deal with Toric AND oldtimers constantly testing her western boundaries, but Kylara causing all sorts of trouble to the east with that tunnel snake Meron. It was a fairly small dragonrider population but the point remains! And this is how Brekke has to deal with the fact that she'll HAVE to let a bronze fly Wirenth, because there's no way even the biggest brown dragon in the world can command a Weyr with the authority a bronze does. F'nor's just going to have to be her side piece

Kylara is both a hindrance and an occasional ally once her Weyr is established, since having a bunch of dragons close by helps a great deal with travel and exploration, but the riders willing to transfer to Paradise are either more old timers taking a chance at getting away from Benden without officially being banished, or another ever rotating cast of injured dragons and riders since pointing out that this use of Southern was working out really great and they shouldn't have to give it up just because T'ron and Mardra got bucky was the only reason Kylara was able to justify the refusal of High Reaches

The trouble making team up of Kylara and Thella gave Larad constant migraines, and also a cascading effect from having a second south hold that was sanctioned would have all kinds of knock on effects on the burst at the seams northern populations. The southern continent would be resettled much faster, and Landing might even be located much earlier, possibly even before the queen egg is stolen or the cove of cove hold is discovered

Anyway, that's what I might change. Make Thella less single mindedly bent on robbery
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