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Default Re: What is happening

Really would be nice to get out somewhere to grab some more interesting photos one day...

Though she did tick over 13K miles today.

Quite astonishing how much more quickly that has rolled round than 12K took! 350 plus change miles to go and that will be two thousand miles she's covered under my ownership.

Once we get there it will be time for a proper service again. Oil, filter, check plugs, check points, clean fuel filter & carb inlet screen, check and adjust valve clearances, change gearbox and final drive oils, grease driveshaft slip joints, inspect CVT belt, check front wheel bearing, grease all the grease points, adjust brake shoe free play...and probably half a dozen other things I've forgotten. Aside from the obvious "have a good crawl around in, around and under the car and address anything which seems amiss."

To be fair the thing on there which probably takes the longest is actually removing the service hatch in the back of the cabin to get to the gearbox/CVT/final drive assembly as it's a bit fiddly. Well, aside from the valve clearances anyway. Though at least I have new rocker cover gaskets this time so not trying to save those will save me a few minutes.
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