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Default Re: What is happening

I had TPA out for a run yesterday to drop some decent but redundant clothing off at a charity shop and can confirm that the improvement to the brake light setup seems to have worked.

There's definitely been an impact on the behaviour of drivers following me, in that they now visibly back off when I apply the brakes, whereas before drivers often seemed oblivious until it became visibly obvious I was slowing down. So mission accomplished there I reckon.

Wasn't a journey without incident though. The door (I always use the nearside one as the offside one binds on the runners) needs a pretty decent slam to close. For reasons unknown I didn't put my hand in the usual spot when doing this and managed to slam the door with my thumb "locked" for want of a better term. Cue moment of "That was a really dumb thing I just did there...OW!" followed by much swearing as it felt like I'd just karate chopped a block of steel reinforced concrete.

This of course was my right hand. I was on the opposite side of town, and was in a car with a right handed twist grip throttle and effectively couldn't close my right hand. That was a really uncomfortable drive home.

The degree of pain and way the ball of my hand swelled up to the size of a golf ball actually made me honestly wonder if I'd broken something, though today it's a lot better, so reckon I've just badly sprained it...has turned a wonderful colour of purple though!

Tell you one thing, I won't make that mistake again!

Having had my first dose of the COVID vaccine today I'll be interested to see how it hits me tomorrow. The flu jab usually knocks me flat for the best part of a week, so given this seems to be one that makes people feel rough in general I'm not holding out much hope for any real productivity over the next few days!
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