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Default Re: What is happening

Was wandering around out back today just moving a couple of things around when my eye was drawn to something on the ground. Where has this come from?

Oh oh. That doesn't look good.

Ah balls...yep, that's going to need sorting sooner rather than later.

Temporary bodge to keep the weather out for now.

Looking around the house quite a few of the soffit boards haven't weathered this last winter well.

Worryingly it looks to me like the horizontal box section on the underside may well be asbestos...which I'm sure will multiply the costs involved in sorting things out by about ten times.

Great! Just had the first quote in this afternoon from a landscaper to sort out the back garden and driveway, and that's more than we'd hoped - by about five times. Very much hoping they just didn't want the job, but braced for the news from the one coming tomorrow to be similar. Can see this easily eating up half the budget for the garden in one hit. Either way it looks like the plans we had to improve the driveway layout will have to be canned for the time being. Which is a shame as I was really hoping we might be able to arrange things so I could get out of the garage without major car Tetris. Given the school traffic around here it basically means I often can't get out of the garage between 9 and 4 as there's nowhere to move the cars I have to shift to.
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