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Default Re: What is happening

Continuing with the general theme of ticking one little task at a time off, I attacked the door runners and latches with grease.

Main hope there had been that it might help the offside door slide properly as it has a tendency to stick on the runners. Sadly it still does, though not quite as badly.

While I was there I securely reattached the door seals at the bottom of that door.

Though I always feel that I should use quotation marks around "seal" when referring to those around the doors of an Invacar given the degree of daylight that you can see around them. Reminds me of a Series Land Rover...

I reckon that if I find myself using the car I may well look to install a slightly wider seal as these are pretty useless.

The heater during the first couple of runs out (despite my efforts to clean it out) had thrown finely atomised rust all over the cabin, so it was time to hit it with the vacuum cleaner again.

Much better. I suspect this will be a regular task for a while.

Enough of this faffing around though...a car is meant to be driven, and I'd been trying to kick myself into taking a brave pill and actually taking TP out of our neighborhood and going somewhere...

It's funny...I really don't remember the parking spaces in Sainsbury's being so huge...

Then on the way home, our GP surgery.

Back home, another five miles covered.

Oh, and some groceries retrieved...wonder how many years it is since she last actually did useful work...

Glad to report that she didn't miss a beat. Only gripes were the rear service hatch coming loose (again - hence my plans to improve the securing arrangements), and that there really is far too much free travel in the brakes. Think for the sake of £50 odd I'm just going to pick up a new master cylinder. This one came with my original Invacar and was "NOS" - but looked to have spent quite a bit of time stored in poor conditions, and has never felt quite right, and as such I don't think I'm ever going to fully trust it. Not as though I'm driving around with no brakes mind, she's more than capable of locking all three wheels up, and the handbrake is also more than capable of stopping the car quite rapidly. I'm just not keen on the size of the dead zone before braking starts to happen.
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