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Default Re: What is happening

"Presentable from 10 paces". That's what we used to call a 50/50 restoration; 50 miles an hour and 50 feet away, it looks great! Just so the final paint job doesn't look like a 3B paint job. 3B? That's Boy, Bucket, & Broom! LOL

Hint for working with your glass mat: Overlap your seams on those small pieces, and vary the sizes from 1 layer to the next, so as to not have seams line up one layer to the next. You will be able smooth out the rough areas with resin during the sand and fill resin topcoats later. Smoother you lay it, easier that is, of course. Remember, the itch is in the fiber, not the resin.

That being said, there are plastic fillers here that contain fiber strands. Supposed to be stronger than plain Bondo, and all that. Downside, itchy when sanded, particularly with power tools. Another reason for those disposable painter's paper suits , plastic gloves, disposable filter masks, and full face shield, not just protective glasses or goggles. I may be telling you stuff you already know, but I've there years, hell decades ago, before the modern protective gear was available.
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