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Originally Posted by Zelandeth View Post
The filters are less than £1 each, so it's really no hassle to change them each service. As identified here it makes a nice sight glass to see if there's any air getting drawn in too, and they do seem to collect a fair amount of gunk over time. The jets in this carb are tiny, so it wouldn't take much to upset it.

The new tank is all aluminium, so shouldn't have any corrosion concerns, good call though. If I'm storing a car for long periods it's always with a brimmed tank and fuel stabiliser in to keep condensation to a minimum though. This tank is only just over four gallons anyway, so will be getting flushed through pretty regularly I reckon anyway (guessing I should probably be expecting a range somewhere round 150 miles). At least I have a working fuel gauge now...even *knowing* the tank was full and driving in circles less than a mile from home, that being dead last week was stressing me out...the brain is a strange thing.
Well, that's good news. When you were quoting capacity, did you mean Imperial gallons? That's bigger than US gallons. A big bike tank here on a Harley is 5-6 gallons. Not sure about a Honda Interstate, but I'm assuming bigger. Don't know, don't care. Never owned a Honda, never will. Owned Yamaha & Kawasaki, though & none of them ever had anything near a 5 gallon tank. Talking about tiny jets, my Kaw was know as an H-1. 500cc, 3 cylinder, 2 stroke. Blindingly fast for 1970. But do the math; 500 split 3 ways a bit more than 177 ccs per. Jets were downright miniscule
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