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Default Re: What is happening

Cool looking pumpkins Simon.

Ginny, I, too, am glad your health mostly checked out too. May the doctors solve the final trouble spot.

I am cutting and pasting my update from NKT for those who are not on that board. Here it is:

This school year is off to an insane start. About a month ago, while upgrading the lights in our main school building where my class room is, a contractor accidentally released asbestos; thus, contaminating the building. The building was quarantined while cleaned under OSHA eyes. Good news, the building is now asbestos free. Bad news, our building was emptied with everything that was contaminated destroyed. We are in the process of putting our classrooms back together, while determining what we are missing. We then submit the list to DO for replacement or reimbursement. So far, I'm missing the complete dvd collection of the Magic School Bus, a 6 disc PBS and/ or BBC collection about the ocean, Food in Space dvd, along with a few dvds I can't remember the name. The dvds maybe somewhere in the school but was misplaced when they were trying to put the salvageable packed stuff back in the class rooms. Hopefully, otherwise they had to destroy them. Also, everything that was on my walls had to be destroyed along with my pocket chart and any little thing that was exposed.
The second thing to occur is my Instructional Aide (IA) had a stroke last week. She is home recovering. Please keep her in your thoughts for a full recovery. Of all the IAs I've worked with, she is one of the best.

On Monday, I will begin the school year in a new school with a group of 6th and 7th graders, I've never met before. Hopefully, I'll have my room up and ready for them. I've tomorrow and about 4 hours on Sat to get my room ready.
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