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Default Re: What is happening

Wishing everyone who is having surgery that their surgeons will have a steady hand, wisdom to recognize what needs to be done, and a complete and speedy recovery.

My oldest return from his first visit with his dad in 10 years enlightened and willing to work towards his goals. Sadly, this happen because his dad showed his true colors. I say sadly because for my son who desired a relationship with his father it was a disappointment and an eye opener. For him I wished his dad would have matured and chosen to work on developing a relationship with his son instead of trying to convince his son why everything that happen was my fault. It was not to be. He's still a teenager with all that angst, but the anger is gone. He has a long road to go as he decides what type of relationship he wants with his dad, heals from the disappointment, and learns how to live in this world as a person with high functioning autism and also an extrovert.

Tuesday, my youngest goes to the orthopedic specialist about his spine. It is slightly curved.

Otherwise, I'm plodding forward one step at a time.
"In dreams your spirit visits higher realms and watches over the shaping of this reality. That is why dreams have power and why sometimes they show the future."
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