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Default Re: AU: What would YOU change?

I think I'd change F'lar's way of handling Lessa. (Well, maybe not mocking her over the knife wound he got fighting Fax. She needed to see her actions had consequences.) But imagine what F'lar and Lessa could have accomplished if he had explained his plans right from the start, and said "I need you to make this work. Please help me."

I think Lessa would have liked pretending to go along with R'gul's teachings while knowing he wasn't going to be Weyrleader for long. It was sneaky enough for her way of thinking in that point of her life, and if F'lar had done anything like that sooner, Lessa might have trusted him sooner, and they might have even started establishing a true camaraderie that wasn't dependent on flight sex to get them on the path to a relationship.
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