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Default Re: AU: What would YOU change?

Yeah, but isn't Toric's "holding" that land essentially so much paper? How many men can he possibly have protecting his boundaries at that point, given Renegades starts pre-Fall, and ends post-AIVAS. It might make more sense if Thella sets up a renegade hold down there and she and Toric start mixing it up with men-at-arms, and when she eventually dies, her renegade hold becomes Paradise River under survivors Jayge and Aramina.

Toric engaging in a border war would even give a valid reason for the rest of Pern to hate him, while grudgingly accepting they need him to be keeping a strong hold down there. (Whereas Toric in the books is a greedy ******* who they all suspect of double-dealing, but not enough to get his ass booted from Lord Holdership.)

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