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Default Re: AU: What would YOU change?

I am kind of hopeful that we'll one day see Gigi McCaffrey's take on the Harper Hall and it will have the redeeming Sebell stuff in it that makes him into a better character.

I like the idea that Mardra and Lessa's conflict was both mother-daughter, with Mardra feeling a responsibility to train this young upstart Benden Weyrwoman as she would have done one of her juniors, with Lessa taking poorly to it, and political with Mardra going from Leader of Weyrwomen to spare Weyrwoman. And that Lessa's terrible pregnancy experience meant she was out-of-commission for long enough that Mardra represented a very real challenge to her. And that later poisons the rest of the relationships between Oldtimers and Benden. Frankly, I think this is the only way to explain how relations between the Weyrs deteriorates so quickly; if it were just a matter of the Oldtimer queens failing to rise, Benden had plenty of juniors to swap around and had relations been good, it would have been no big deal to do such a thing.

At least, I think Lessa and F'lar, while doing the right thing for Pern overall, are significantly shades-of-grey characters in how they run over the autonomy of the planet to get there. By the time of ATWoP and Skies, they're defacto dictators.
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