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Default Re: Worldcon 2014 in London: Loncon3

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
Maelin adn Martin, those two simple words "seriously considering" make me excited and makes my heart beat a little faster, even if the event is still far in the future.

Maelin, Maelin, no matter what, a trip to the recently reopened Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam and the Rembrandt house will occupy one day of your trip no matter what.

Note to self: buy soft fabric scarf, so to be able to bind Maelin's hands to her back when necessary...
Ha Ha ! You sound like my sister and me, when our daughters where 4 of 5 years old. When we went to the stores we always used to say "hands on your back, only looking - no touching and everyting is a NO.
(it didn't help very much )
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