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Default Re: Hold, Hall & Weyr Symbols

Hello All,

To paraphrase Apocalypse, "I know it's been a veeery long time..."

Anyway, nice to exist again

I need help!

Please see for details.

I need map location information (clues, hints, suggestions, suppositions, etc) for all of the following:
High Hill Hold (on the border of Fort / Ruatha)
Retallek Hold (Fort)
Riverside Hold (Ruatha)
Bald Lake (Ruatha)
Pierie Hold (S Boll)
Fire Hold (H Reaches)
Murfy Hold (H Reaches)
Red Cliff Hold (Keroon)
Bent Ridge Hold (Nerat east coast)
Berea Hold (Nerat east coast)
Grethel Hold (Nerat east coast)
Mardela Hold (probably at Nerat tip)
Saluda Hold (Nerat east coast)
Hilltop Hold (Telgar)
Brum Hold (Could be a Moreta Ride hold?)
Lado Hold (no references?)
Great Reach Hold (?)
Vesta River Hold (ROP?)

Also, was Thella's Hold ever named and any clues as to where it might be? I've tried using travelling distances, but the terrain isn't consistent enough.

Thanking you in advance and in anticipation

Luff 'n' stuff,
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