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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

I don't know but if that is t know but, really sad, I also found out that a teacher/trainer for orientation and mobility had retired, in Aug. I had a funny feeling now, I knowwhy. She helped me get use to getting around a few different places, when I still had some sight, helped AL her computer person, who also now retired, but she is still helping the sschoo program yet,., she well bbe done when that contract is done.

She was at my tech school, the advisor along with the ge the one who I re-met today, been a lo and he and I are going to work on helping me undersJAWS and Win. 1ng time,10 , and other stuff, He also can help me with a new player/recorder,/notetaker for I work better in audio,, then writte, part of my disibilities, and more. He is understanding so is his daughter we chatted, who show ed me something that might make things easier to hang on to. We also madtalked about a few other things, Took him a bit to understand my extra stuff on my keyboard, so I can feel the keys in the right orders, I still driff, but at the moment, its getting a bit better, I don't know if I am going to bdropping by as much, depending on my new work load, as soon as I can I shal let you know folks,

I know you are behind me, haven't show/tell outside of the audio books, 'irking not to have them outside of my home'' But once I get set up, He was telling me of a phone, cell, might work, I don't know, and going to see if we can get mmore hours, I still feel like somewhat like a few of Anne' other folks, at the moment.

More later.
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