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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Originally Posted by vyon View Post
Ginny, five of the metal beams from 9-11 ended up here in Christchurch, New Zealand. They were made into a sculpture to commemorate all the firefighters that lost their lives, and all firefighters worldwide.

There is also a survivor tree in Christchurch in memory of 51 people who were shot by an Alt-right terrorist in 2020.

Thanks for understanding and sharing, we have a few here in my own home state of WI that I have heard over the last week, when I posted I was getting to tired to think after a very long day, that didn't go quite like we werethinking, but I did find one more person who is both color blind and is looking for new stuff to read, even if she can't find the time to read, I am gladthat listening t to Anne's and hher co-writers is now around, I was sharing some of those other books with her yesterday, and my memory isn't to bad to tell someone else image discription, which is something I am working as a vollenteer to bring it to others, One of a small town and big town fire and others havfe made the trip to New York to get steel to make things like you have, One drove 17 hr. to get the it, and one who was is the cheif whent a week after the event to help the NYPD when he was still jjust a officer,, from what I understand their is stuff like this in all 50 states hhere in the US. and Like in New Zeeland and around the world! rIGHT NOW MY MIND IS A BIT BETTER IN THE THINKING BUT, THAT TOOK A BIT TO GET GOING, LISTING TO SOME MUSIC WITH ME, SHE WHO WON'T BE NAMED.
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