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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Zen Hugs, Allen and all. SStay Safe.Myself I am waiting on my dad's to see how things are going with him, hi the the dust and pollon is not making it any better, n. He can see better and I have found someone to get us copyies of owners guguide.printed out for us. I have internet but my finding a link is still h is not there yet, so we are happy about that.

In two weeks I am working with someone I knew froNTC when I was going to school, he understand s adaptequiptement nt ted undeted lge and understand JJAWS and a new ability that I don't know, called Sharky. I am hopeful that I wont't be stumbling so much or having to re post my post twice, for thisgets irritatingrking to say the more later
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