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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

I shall read ttherest of the posts in the thread, I was reading something that was near to novealet or ssome what near that a AU,, between that and my busy week, I haven';t droped by to say hi.

I have shared this site, and Han's site, and Anne's workds mostly the Ship that DSang for my contact iis looking for a new sciencSF/F to read so I gave him the list of tthat group. He works in the ffield of O/M and helps ccornate seservices, for those who are blind or have low vvision, from my area of the state, I shared some of the stuff I pick up via the s sister sight and Dratgonsong the Musical, his mname is Jef, Heand a few others got a bang, out of my package from NKT from the Land Down Under, the story too, I also have mmet some one else, that might like her work, I shall show hher more next Fri. of next week, the Week after I am getting the help with my computer and other stuff. PS thanks to Jef I can get a copy of the owners maneal for our phones. he is willing to print two copies so both mymy dad and I have one. If I am a tad jiddy I told Dad WrWed,. afternoon, and he is going for more testing with his haeart on Fri. I pray this is going OK for him, now tthat he can can see betterhis eyes are seeing better,,

I am sorry my answers are all over this post, I am trying to get my thoughts together, my new staff has kin in my hhome area, and they are going to my old hi h schhol,. I aalso hehear some bad news near were a former staff works, so I am a tad worried, nothing I can do but pppray ffor tthem to be safe.
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