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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

I should *finally* be getting my second vaccine shot at the end of this coming week. The NHS system really couldn't have made it harder to get the blasted thing if it had tried. Especially having randomly cancelled two appointments.

There are several walk in clinics around here, but most of them only offer one type of the vaccine and don't state which one it is clearly anywhere. After no small amount of searching I eventually established that none of them within a couple of hours of here (unless I wanted to travel into central about NO) offer the Moderna one which is what my first one was.

All of the mask requirements etc have been dropped here as of about a month ago. A handful of stores are still requesting patrons wear masks...but the numbers actually doing so are tiny. Really does feel that the vast, vast majority of folks here have just gone back to life as normal.

Picked up our groceries for the week yesterday and in the supermarket I saw maybe ten people masked up the whole time I was in there. It really does just feel that nobody is taking this vaguely seriously any more. It is immensely frustrating.

The majority seem totally unaware that just because they've had the vaccine doesn't mean they're invincible. They can still get it, and can absolutely still spread it...all the vaccine does is seriously reduce the odds of you being hospitalised and developing major problems because of it. That's a message that nobody seems to have put any effort whatsoever into getting across here.
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