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Post Talent Book and Short Story List

The Talent series is composed of two sub-series as indicated. Several of the novels are composed in part of previously published short stories or are anthologies of short stories, as noted below.

To Ride Pegasus (includes following 4 stories)
"A Womanly Talent"
"A Bridle For Pegasus"
"To Ride Pegasus"
Pegasus in Flight
Pegasus in Space

The Tower and the Hive
The Rowan (includes following 1 story)
"Lady in a Tower"
Damia (includes following 1 story)
"A Meeting of Minds"
Damia's Children
Lyon's Pride
The Tower and the Hive

Omnibus editions:
The Wings of Pegasus (To Ride Pegasus, Pegasus in Flight)
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