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Default Hello everyone!

As a very young Dragonriders fan I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the fanbase is still around. Part of me was worried that by the time I was enjoying the books, everyone who liked them would have moved on.

Most of the books I've read have been my mother's - ebooks or hardback/paperback copies from when she was younger - but the Open Library has been inimitably helpful in starting to read the rest. Modern social media make very little collective reference to the series, so I figured that to interact with its existing fans I should go straight to the source. Lovely to meet you all, and also I thought it was nice that there was a pronouns field? Didn't expect that facility so it's very cool 👍

Also please forgive me if I'm not quite as eloquent as some of you I am probably much younger and much more comfortable with evolving current chatspeak and it's been about half a decade since I used a forum board regularly 😅
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