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Default Re: Who's Painting is This?

I tried starting on a different rendition of another Whelan painting. Thank you Tamara for getting me inspired to paint Pern again

Here's what I have so far of The White Dragon. Sorry it's so small, photobucket won't seem to let me make it any bigger.

He looked a little emaciated in the head and front limbs in Whelan's painting, so I added a little there, and changed some other things which looked a little awkward. The harness in the original didn't look quite functional either... I couldn't see how it could be strapped down and secured toward the back. He was riding back quite far and everything was strapped down only at the front around Ruth's neck, so I altered the harness too.

I'm not sure whether to keep the Red Star the way it is which looks beautiful in Whelan's, or adjust it to make it a more accurate size. It's more like a moon here than a star-like appearance.

If there's anything that looks off or that needs to be changed, please let me know so I can change it before I get too far in

Could this thread be moved to the Exhibit Hall? Or should I just split off into another thread with the new paining?[/color]
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