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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Originally Posted by mawra View Post
Just curious....are other countries being told, by non-medical people to take livestock deworming meds for Covid?
Do you mean the "I'm not putting that poison they call a vaccine in my body" group? Yup, won't take a jab but will use the deworming meds for animals. Sadly we do have them here as well. People who have read all the info and make an informed decision not to get the jab I understand. But the ones who are getting medical advice from the plumber ... *shakes head*

Our numbers are really climbing and all show the same thing, the vast majority in ICU are unvaccinated, the vast majority in hospital are unvaccinated. The ones who have the jab and get sick are home with mild symptoms. Several hospitals have had to cancel or postpone non-essential medical procedures as they are filled with covid people. So because of the unvaccinated we now have to wear masks in all public spaces and many also require proof of vaccination. Our rodeo (indoors) which was to go the 24th and 25th has been moved to an outdoor location about 30 minutes drive. We may have to cancel our bi-annual Hospital Auxiliary Rummage sale, again. This will be the 4th one we've had to cancel because of covid.
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