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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

Since this all began, no masks (doctor's orders due to pre-existing conditions), no illness (well, I'm having another problem with kidney stones again), no vaccinations, and we have travelled from our home to Branson, Springfield, Jonesburg, St. Louis, Missouri (numerous times) Anderson/Kokomo/Indianapolis Indiana area, Rock Springs, Wyoming, and on and on, pretty much wherever and whenever we wanted after the nation-wide shutdown was lifted. We've worn clear face shields in lieu of masks when we've absolutely been forced to, and masks in the VA hospital in Columbia when I had to go there for my Oncologist appointments... If they want to make us wear masks in violation of our doctor's instructions (A.M.A., against medical advice), hey, they're a hospital, so when we collapse from following their orders, they can take care of us.

We're doing quite well, thank you. Sorry for everyone's illnesses. Hope you all get better.
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